How to Improve Food Safety Culture with Automated Hygiene

Companies have been trying to crack the code on what they can do to see improvements in food safety culture at their facilities for years. It’s a challenge that requires constant monitoring of your teams as well as consistently reinforcing good hygiene practices with trainings and huddle talks. There is one way however, that has proven to be a simple solution to how many companies have begun to improve their own food safety culture, adopting automated hygiene.

How to Improve Food Safety Culture with Automated Hand Washing

Food Safety Culture starts at the top. Any corporate decisions that are made regarding food safety and hygiene practices resonate through all levels of a company. That is why seeing investments in new technology and hygiene zone improvements can have an impact on how employees view food safety. If a company is still using old and battered down sinks and soap dispensers for example, that sends a subliminal message across a facility that that company is not as invested in their food safety culture as they should be. how to improve food safety culture

Facilities that have adopted the latest automated hygiene equipment however show that they are doing everything they can to showcase their commitment to improving hygiene and food safety culture at their facilities. Take The Jel Sert Company for example. 12 years ago, The Jel Sert Company adopted CleanTech® 500EZ Automated Handwashing Stations for their facilities to improve hygiene compliance and give better hand washes for their employees. They recognized the impact that CleanTech® had on their facilities so much that they recently updated 18 of their 21 500EZ systems to brand new models to ensure that they continue to utilize CleanTech® for years to come.

“We began implementing Meritech hand wash stations in 2010, and they have become the cornerstone of our Good Manufacturing Practices. Quick, easy to use, and effective!”

- Simon Richards, VP of Manufacturing & Engineering at The Jel Sert Company

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How to Improve Food Safety Culture with Automated Boot Scrubbers

Just like how providing CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations for your employees can serve as a daily reminder of your commitment to hygiene excellence, the same can be said for footwear hygiene. Today the cross-contamination risks of using shoe covers and manual boot scrubbers are well known. That’s one of the main reasons that many companies have made the switch to automated footwear hygiene.

For example, The Elmer Candy Corporation needed a way to standardize and provide a consistent footwear and hand hygiene routine for their employees. They adopted the XBW Soles-Only Boot Scrubber, and their hygiene compliance has never been better. Employees must first walk through the XBW Soles-Only Boot Scrubber and then wash their hands in a CleanTech® 4000S Automated Handwashing Station before they enter a production area. 

“I knew we needed a technology upgrade that provides consistent and sustainable results for every employee, every time. The CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations and XBW Boot scrubber allows us to do just that.”

– Elmer Candy Corporation CTO and VP of Process Technology

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These new technologies not only show auditors and inspectors of your commitment to food safety, but most importantly they show your employees that you care about providing the safest products for your consumers.

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