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Hygiene Solutions for Hands, Footwear, and Equipment

Our Hygiene Solutions are specifically designed to work with our automated hygiene equipment. Through extensive clinical testing, we have crafted the perfect formula so you can waste less while removing more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens in a single hygiene event.

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Experience Soft, Healthy Skin

Cleanse away dirt, impurities, and residue while leaving skin silky smooth and conditioned.


UltraPure & UPX

Hand Hygiene Solution

This unique hand hygiene solution is clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands when used with CleanTech® automated hand washing systems, while leaving skin soft and moisturized. 

UPx and UltraPure hand hygiene solution

BootCleaner XP

Footwear Hygiene Solution

Meritech's Boot Cleaner XP is formulated for optimal footwear sanitization by maintaining higher pH at the appropriate chemical concentration (PPM) for optimal pathogen reduction while remaining cost-effective by consuming half the solutions of alternative door-foaming and boot-cleansing methods.



Equipment Hygiene Solution

Specifically designed to sanitize the interior of our high-throughput industrial CleanTech® models, this high pH surface cleaner automatically runs throughout the system three times per day or when the system power is turned on to provide low-maintenance prevention for the growth of dangerous pathogens in the system and facility.

Self Clean bottle

Sanifect D2

Surface Cleaner & Sanitizing Solution

This evaporating, no‐rinse, ready‐to‐use , EPA registered sanitizer is approved for use on food contact surfaces and ideal to use in water‐sensitive areas. It is a combination of isopropyl alcohol and a powerful quaternary ammonium compound which eliminates 99.9% of detectable pathogens on hard, nonporous surfaces.

Sanifect D2 bottle

We love the Meritech station in our facility. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the “spa like” hand wash!

- Judith Fine, Infection Control CoordinatorSt. Mary's Hospital Logo

Overall the experience with Meritech has been positive.  Employees comment at how well their hands are cleaned and that the units are easy to use!

- Nancy Bruner, Quality Manager
Pinnacle Foods logo

 Meritech provided us with a solution that is not only effective, but also FUN for our crew members to use. I no longer have to worry about our crew members skipping the hand wash sink or partially washing their hands before going into production.

- Jeff Hinds, VP Quality & Food Safety
Vital Farms logo

We really do like the Meritech! Quite simply due to the ease of operation and the cleanliness of hands. We always get perfect swabs on surfaces and hands as verification of cleaning, which really helps in audits.

- Kevin Davis, Plant Manager
Wisconsin Cheese Group

The CleanTech® Handwashing System is incredibly popular in our Special Care Nursery! Every person who enters uses it and comments on how fun it is to use! It is much more popular than the previous manual sinks and our families now wash their hands correctly and for the proper length of time. 

- Linus Nienstadt, Manager—Infection Prevention
Northern Arizona Healthcare Logo


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