The Only Fully Automated Handwashing Station in the World

  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.
  • Full Wash and Rinse All in One 12 Second Standardized and Controlled Handwash
  • CleanTech Stations Help Increase Employee Compliance
  • Guaranteed High Quality Handwash Every Time for Every User
  • Fast ROI by Reducing Labor Time, Water, and Waste by 75%

Our Standardized Handwash Removes 99.98% of Dangerous Pathogens in Just 12 Seconds

Our exclusive CleanTech automatic handwashing machines range from compact single use equipment, to fully integrated walk-through hand and boot washing systems for high volume traffic. Multiple options in each line are available to fit the needs and budgets of a variety of market applications including food processing and biotech. 

  • The ONLY Fully-Automated, Touch-Free Systems Available Worldwide
  • Consistent and Effective Wash Every Time for Every User
  • Every Wash is Tracked and Monitored with a Compliance Monitor Installed on Every Model
  • Cost Savings in Water, Waste, Soap Reduction and Increase in Labor Efficiency
4000sb Meritech Automatic Handwashing Stations for High Volume Traffic

The Smallest Automated Boot Scrubbers on the Market for the Most Demanding Environments

Meritech XBW SO Automatic Boot Scrubbing Station

Meritech footwear hygiene systems are designed to ensure that shoes and boots are not a vector for pathogen transmission inside of food production or cleanroom facilities. Meritech boot scrubbers are optimized for quick cleaning and calibrated to maintain the optimum sanitizing chemical concentration every time.

    • Fully automated
    • 100% Made in the U.S.A
    • Five Year Parts Warranty
    • Includes 2 No-Charge Annual Visits (US only)
    • Bi-Directional Option
    • Easy and Quick to Clean in Place
    • Very Low Maintenance = Fast ROI
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Not Sure How We Get Your Hands & Boots So Clean?
Just Watch.

Hand Sanitizer Machine in Use by Hospitals, Clean Rooms and Food Processing Employees
The Only Way to Clean Your Hands and Boots.