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Smixin Sustainable Handwashing Solutions


Meritech handwashing solutions revolutionize hand hygiene, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for businesses. The Smixin product line is crafted for a differentiated user experience while providing a harmonious mix of contemporary design, ease of use, and eco-consciousness that is perfect for food service & retail, healthcare & medical, travel & hospitality, and more! 

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Smixin Sustainable Handwashing Stations & Faucets

Smixin's innovative sustainable handwashing stations are equipped with cutting-edge low-flow SMU technology, setting a new standard in water conservation. By reducing water usage by an impressive 90%, these stations use less than one cup of water, per hand wash.  Make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on hygiene with Smixin! 

Smixin Pro


Smixin Pro 3-in-1 Handwashing Station

Mobile, Counter-top and wall-mounted options

Water, soap and paper are automatically dispensed after activation via a precise sensor. Due to the optimal mix of water and soap with air, your hands will feel silky-clean after washing. Handwashing that saves up to 90% water, soap, and paper while still meeting World Health Organization (WHO) handwashing standards. Stainless steel design with a light grey powder coating that can be plumbed-in or as a self-contained, mobile model.

Smixin Plus


 Smixin Plus 2-in-1 Faucet with Soap + Water

Faucet with soap pouch inside that can be retrofitted onto existing sinks

The Smixin Plus is an innovative soap and water dispenser. It is an extremely eco-friendly solution that supports cost savings through the efficient use of resources. With its modern design and pre-set process steps, it fosters behavior change among users. As a result, hygiene levels are improved within various settings like offices, airports, and schools. The Plus effortlessly retrofits onto any standard sink, offering a seamless and convenient upgrade.


Smixin Flow


Smixin Low-flow faucet for maximum water savings

Sleek design that retrofits onto existing sinks

Timeless design and modern technology go hand in hand within the Smixin Flow. The precise infrared sensor ensures comfortable control of the water flow. With its classic-modern design, this faucet fits effortless into any washroom. This water-only solution has been developed to complete the range of Smixin solutions that save 90% of water per handwashing cycle.

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