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"We are looked at as trendsetters in food safety, and CleanTech®handwashing stations support that image"

Keith Jones
Business Development Manager & Head Chef, Honey Smoked Salmon

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Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer
Meat processing Meritech Hygiene Customer

Recent Testimonials

See what people have to say about CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations.

Testimonials for Automated Hygiene

On any given day, we hear positive automated boot scrubber and Meritech hand washer reviews and how these technologies have helped to increase hand wash compliance, achieved glowing auditor results, and even more comments about the state of their improved skin health, or how easy and fun it is for their employees and customers to wash their hands properly. If you’ve got something to say, we’d love to hear it!


Food Processing

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company

“In simple terms, the easier you make it the more compliant [employees] are. And that's one of the great things we like about the Meritech units is it's very easy. You walk up, stand where you're supposed to stand, you put your hands in there and it does all the work so you always get the compliance and effectiveness that you're looking for.”

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Plant Science

“We have been using Meritech handwashing stations for our sanitation needs for the last three years with no complaints. We have found them to be timely, helpful, and their solution has been unique, simple, and effective. We have 12 employees and one Meritech handwash station is much more effective and streamlined (efficient) than a regular automated hand washing sink with multiple sprays. No one is ever waiting to wash their hands and we have confidence that our employees hands are clean every time with on-board alerts when cleaning solution is running low. We never have to question whether our employees' hands are clean.”


Food Processing

The Jel Sert Company

“We began implementing Meritech hand wash stations in 2010, and they have become the cornerstone of our Good Manufacturing Practices. Quick, easy to use, and effective!”


Food Processing


“You stick your hands in and it does all the work for you. The easier you make it, the more fun it is, your employees are going to follow that. That’s been really great for us.”


Food Processing

Elmer Candy Corporation

"We have always had to monitor employees and ensure they were spending the appropriate time to clean their hands effectively. I knew we needed a technology upgrade that provides consistent and sustainable results for every employee, every time. The CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations and XBW Boot scrubber allow us to do just that. It has allowed us to keep our promise to our customers to deliver safe, quality food every day, all day."


Food Processing

Honey Smoked Fish Co.

"Sanitation is everything, and your product gives us the ability to be consistent. I don't have to worry about how folks are washing their hands because you just put your hands and system and CleanTech® is going to take care of it."

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Cleanroom & Pharma


“Our experience working with Meritech has been and continues to be, incredibly positive. The equipment has greatly improved our hygiene process and fits in nicely with our facility”


Education, Entertainment & Recreation

Rita Book's Daycare

“We first saw the Meritech automated handwashing systems on the Disney Cruise and thought they were such a great idea that we purchased a system for our home-based daycare in MA. We have it installed at the entry where all the kids come in and out for activities. Children do not always wash their hands properly and the system helps to eliminate error. Additionally, the ease of use and enjoyment the kids get out of using the system increases their compliance and takes a burden off our shoulders in ensuring they are washing their hands often enough. I highly recommend this product for childcare providers.”



Gustavus Adolphus College

“Handwashing is one of the most important safety precautions we take in the dining service. Meritech systems remove the human error that accompanies manual hand washing and make hand washing more "fun." We will do everything we can do to get employees to wash their hands more frequently. Plus, CleanTech machines take less than 20 seconds, so they are actually quicker than manual washing.”


Education, Entertainment & Recreation

Sawmill Adventure Park

“We are an entertainment based facility with a high volume of kids and hand hygiene has always played a heavy role, even prior to Covid. Meritech systems are a great product that can be implemented into many industries. I wish you the best with continued success and growth!”



Rockwood School District

“Hand hygiene is a top priority in our day-to-day operations. The automated stations speed up the handwashing process and are convenient and easy for the kids.”


Food Processing

Katadyn Group

“After installing Meritech equipment, we have become SQF certified and that has opened new doors for our products. Our older 2000S model hand-washer unit is still passing all USDA and SQF inspections, and I cannot express how much we rely on the continued operation and service of this unit. The reliability and performance of our unit have surpassed our expectations. Keep up the great work producing great equipment!”


Food Processing

Protein Research

"The automated wash system we have has been wonderful. The system has added a higher level of cleanliness of personnel and more productivity to the production group by moving a large group of people at one time after breaks and lunch. Our customers and auditors have been impressed and nothing but good things to say about the automated washing system. We have now added a second shift at the first of the year and the system has continued to perform very well."

Mars Logo

Food Processing

Mars, Incorporated

“The service you guys provide is excellent! It really helps out our company and all of our hand washing needs. Whenever we need a technician to come out and service our equipment you guys do it in a timely manner. We appreciate all the good service and equipment that you guys provide.”


Food Processing

SIG Combibloc Group

“We have had absolutely no mechanical problems with the hand wash systems since they were installed. Our customers and employees like the systems. I like that each machine has a compliance counter so that management can verify that they are being used...I am very pleased to be a Meritech customer and would recommend your hand wash systems to others in the food industry”


Food Processing, Cannabis

Nutradried Food Company

“The part that impresses me most about Meritech is the professional friendly service that is noticeable from the very first time I met the team. It seems like an organized company that focuses on the details, even after the sale. I was also impressed that part of the sale was a customer service tech visit to make sure handwasher was working properly.  Great people to deal with!”


Healthcare & Medical, Education, Military & Government

St. Mary's Hospital for Children

"We love the Meritech sink in our unit. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the "spa-like" handwash. I hope to set up a project which we would be routinely using the sink to wash hands as a scheduled, fun event."


Healthcare & Medical

Lee's Summit Medical Center

"We have been using the Meritech CleanTech® handwasher since 2010 in our pharmacy prior to entry into our IV room. Our staff find it fast and soothing leaving the skin soft and smooth. This device has improved our hand washing practices in the pharmacy."


Healthcare & Medical

Wray Community Hospital

"We have had a CleanTech® automated handwashing system since 2009. We are a small rural hospital so we have the automated system located in our clean utility room which is centrally located in our nursing unit. The staff loves using the handwashing system. During the flu season, the staff has been especially grateful that we have the unit. Whenever, we have had issues with the unit, Meritech has been very helpful."


Healthcare & Medical, Military & Government

NYU Hospital, Hassenfeld Cancer Center

"Our Meritech machine at Hassenfeld-Fink is well over five years old. However, we were able to obtain parts and your tech was able to fix it, so it is still going strong! While I am sure we exceeded the normal life span of our Meritech, it was a pleasant surprise to know it is still going!"


Healthcare & Medical

LAC & USC Hospital

"Meritech has been very good in the following areas: Making sure we have enough soap, making sure the machine is serviced properly and very easy to order soap and to communicate any issues."


Cleanroom & Pharma, Cannabis

Fine Living Pharmanaturals

“Meritech is doing a great job for us. We have no issues with the machines. They are easy to clean and have worked without any problems. The bi-annual checkup performed by the technicians is much appreciated and it has allowed our production manager to become more comfortable with taking the system apart, cleaning it and then putting it back together again. I always receive quick responses to my inquires and there is little to no lead time when I place new orders for soap. We appreciate the wonderful service Meritech provides and we look forward to our continued partnership.”


Cleanroom & Pharma


“I have had nothing but great experiences with Meritech. We haven’t had any issues with our systems and we continue to get great support when we have questions.”


Cleanroom & Pharma


“Our Bio-Technicians really like the automatic hand-washer. Some actually wishing they had one at home. It has been very reliable and easy to maintain. Our Service Technician is very thorough, courteous and friendly.”


Cleanroom & Pharma

Freudenberg Medical

“I have been very satisfied with the support from the factory with the purchase of the latest Hand Washer, also the supplies we receive have always been on time.”


Cleanroom & Pharma

Gilead Sciences

“We had two of your guys come out and service one of our machines and the experience was pleasant to say the least. The guys were able to execute the work and they were polite and helpful. I am very happy with the service they provided and look forward to working with them in the future.”


Foodservice & Retail

Kroger, Cincinnati

“I don’t think I could be happier with the service and product your company provides to us. Very quick and convenient.”


Foodservice & Retail, Travel & Leisure

Flex 24 Fitness

"We love our hand wash machine and receive compliments on it daily. I love that it needs little to no maintenance from my staff and has not rusted or slowed down a bit. It is always functioning properly due to the maintenance your techs provide when they make quarterly or semi-quarterly check-ups. This is SUCH a valuable service in itself. We are not "big fish" customers but you would never know that because we receive quality, caring, and professional service since day one."


Foodservice & Retail, Travel & Leisure

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

“Our experiences with Meritech have all been positive! When I reached out to you to renew our contract after it expired, getting it renewed was very easy and quick. I was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly you had a technician out to check out our system. He was very respectful when he was on site, as well as very efficient to get things completed. This was awesome because it can obviously put a strain on production if the handwash isn't usable for an extended period during the production day.”


Foodservice & Retail, Travel & Leisure, Education, Military & Government

Cornell University Dining

“The Meritech hand-washing units have greatly improved our compliance in areas that were previously challenging. We have units in high-volume cooking and service areas where employees are using them regularly and often. We are very pleased with the acceptance and use-rate by staff. We also feel we have more peace of mind knowing that the Meritech units are close to crucial work areas and are being used as they should be. These units certainly enhance our food safety and hand hygiene protocol.”


Foodservice & Retail, Education

Penn State Berkey Creamery

“We absolutely love our handwashing machines. We have had several students touring our plant in the last month who have commented on how cool they are. They seem to dry our hands out less than our old hand soap and conventional sink. I am happy to say we have not had a single complaint! We are hoping to purchase more units in the future!”


Travel & Leisure, Education, Entertainment & Recreation

Itty Bitty City

“Hand hygiene is an important part of the branding of our business. We are known for our cleanliness, and the fact that every visitor to our center must wash their hands before entering helps set us apart. Meritech automated handwashing systems are a unique offering that no one else in our area has, produce less mess than traditional sinks, and the customer service has always been great - thank you for that!!”


Travel & Leisure

Clabber Girl

“Overall, we are happy with the quality and effectiveness of the hand wash stations we have purchased from Meritech over the past 7 years. I like the fact that the units are effective AND easy for our team members to use – all they have to do is put their hands inside and the machine does all of the work.”



University of Oklahoma

"The Meritech hand washing machines at Couch are running strong after ten years of service. There have been very few maintenance issues and they are simple to operate. The hand washing machines are very popular with our customers.”

Northern Arizona Healthcare Logo

Healthcare & Medcial, Military & Government

Northern Arizona Healthcare

“The CleanTech® Handwashing System is incredibly popular in our Special Care Nursery! Every person who enters uses it and comments on how fun it is to use! It is much more popular than the previous manual sinks, and our families now wash their hands correctly and for the proper length of time. Meritech was excellent in how they set us up with the system. We had no problems installing them once we were able to get the cabinet constructed and installed. We would like to install them in other areas of the hospital once we can get budgetary approval!”


Food Processing, Military & Government, Cannabis

Vital Farms

“Meritech provided us with a solution that is not only effective, but also fun for our crew members to use. I no longer have to worry about our crew members skipping the hand wash sink, or partially washing their hands before going into production. With the Meritech automated hand washing system we are assured an effective and efficient method to reduce GMP’s biggest risk of spreading of harmful microorganisms, hand washing.”


Food Processing, Cannabis

Old Souls Farms

“Our 500EZ handwashing system has made our sanitation protocol a breeze! The system gives us peace of mind knowing that our associates’ hands are sanitized and a source of contamination has been eliminated. As our company continues to grow, we will do so with Meritech machines.”


Food Processing, Cannabis

John Vena, Inc.

“Our facility is SQF certified, and as any processing facility should do, we have a strict handwashing policy in place for our employees. Meritech makes it exponentially easier to enforce these rules for our employees. The recent service that we have had has been excellent. When looking for a new machine, I reached out to a rep who quickly connected me with someone in my region. It took about a total of 5 days to complete the order and set up shipping for our equipment. All along the way, we received excellent customer service, from requesting documentation for the equipment to coordinating calibration services with both technicians and account reps. Thank you for all the help along the way!”

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