Automated Hand and Footwear Hygiene Food Safety Solutions for Food Processing

Meritech hand washing stations, automated boot scrubbing systems and sanitizing equipment are built to perform in all sizes and types of food processing environments. Food processing and hand hygiene go hand in hand. From poultry farms to food packaging operations to ready to eat production facilities, Meritech provides the ultimate food plant hygiene sanitation and food safety solutions to eliminate the risk of foodborne illness caused by improper and ineffective hand hygiene and footwear sanitizing practices by employees.


Benefits of Meritech Systems for Food Safety

In addition to pathogen removal and eliminating cross contamination risk, Meritech automated handwashing stations and boot scrubbers:

  • Reduce water usage and reduce discharge waste
  • Effectively use every ounce of soap that is dispensed instead of washing it down the drain
  • Increase employee productivity and demonstrate Company commitment to safety
  • Eliminate variability in the hygiene process for quality assurance documentation
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI) — labor efficiency, water savings, waste reduction.
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