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What is it like Partnering with Meritech?

When you purchase hygiene equipment from Meritech and partner with us, we ensure that you have everything you need including: 

  • Full ownership of stations
  • All hygiene solutions & service included
  • Full parts and labor warranty
  • Free shipping
  • No upfront cost
  • Flexible payment options

Own your CleanTech® station

This program is absolutely not a lease. You will gain full ownership of the equipment—the CleanTech+ program simply allows you to split the cost of the equipment over 36 payments while retaining ownership.

Hygiene Solutions Included

Meritech Hygiene Solutions are critically important in ensuring efficacy of hygiene events delivered by CleanTech®. With CleanTech+, you will receive all required hygiene solutions delivered straight to your facility (with free shipping!).

Regular preventative maintenance

Ensure optimal equipment performance for your station with regular preventative maintenance provided by our knowledgable and experienced team of technical support specialists.

Full parts and labor warranty

Need a repair or replacement part? With CleanTech® Plus, any labor or parts you may need are covered at no additional cost.

Free shipping

Enjoy free shipping on your equipment, solutions, and any parts you may need!

No up-front cost

Getting started is easy! Simply calculate the number of hand washes you need and we will deliver your equipment and solutions—no up front cost required.

Flexible Payment Options

If you’re not satisfied with CleanTech® within the first 60 days, cancel your agreement without any penalties!

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The Latest and Greatest Hygiene Technology

Every three years you receive brand new stations complete with the latest features and technology that we have to offer, guaranteeing you are providing the highest quality hygiene at all times.



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