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CleanTech® Automatic Handwashing Stations


Remove the variability of human behavior from your hygiene process and effectively guarantee quality employee hygiene by incorporating CleanTech® fully automated handwashing systems in your facility—clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in 12 seconds using 75% less water than a traditional sink.

Meritech CleanTech® Systems

Our exclusive CleanTech® handwashing stations range from compact single use equipment to industrial grade systems for high volume traffic. Multiple enhancement options are available to each line, including footwear hygiene and controlled access, in order to fit the needs of a variety of market applications. Find the system that's right for you below.

CleanTech® ELF


Compact in both size and design, this system is our most cost-effective solution to your hygiene challenges.

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CleanTech® ELF-C


*Pictured with optional cabinet
Designed for counter installation where space is limited, the ELF-C features a low-profile top and can be mounted directly into any counter surface.

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CleanTech® K-Wash

K Wash No Stool  Alt Colors Iso - No Background-01-1

Designed for counter installation where space is limited, the ELF-C features a low-profile top and can be mounted directly into any counter surface.

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CleanTech® 400


*Pictured with optional cabinet
Designed for medium sized operations and for operations where there could be the need for heavy debris removal. The 400 station features an optional faucet for convenience when dual use sinks are needed.

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CleanTech® 500


Featuring a stainless steel cabinet that is designed for wall mount for locations where durability is important and space is a factor.

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CleanTech® 500-C


A versatile system designed to be housed in any custom cabinet or counter top to reflect your unique brand or requirements making it a great option for commercial and public use.

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CleanTech® 500EZ

500EZ - BA

Our most popular CleanTech® station, the 500EZ is designed for wall mount in high-use areas and is ideal for industrial production environments that require durability.

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CleanTech® 2000S

2000S - BA

A self-cleaning station in stainless steel, floor mount that is extremely durable, CIP friendly, and is ideal for environments where compliance is regulated.

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CleanTech® 4000S

4000s - BA

Featuring three hand wash stations in a single stainless steel, water-resistant housing. Designed for high-volume, high-frequency handwashing.

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Complete Your Hygiene Zone

Enhance the CleanTech® experience by incorporating simultaneous footwear hygiene and controlled access.

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Why CleanTech®?

The quickest & simplest solution for employee hygiene.

CleanTech® is designed to provide a total wash and rinse in 12 seconds, every time. Remove the variability of human behavior by standardizing the process with CleanTech®.


Removes more than 99.9% of dangerous pathogens.

Our fully automated systems improve employee hygiene compliance while still exceeding CDC & FDA hand hygiene requirements, every time. Check out this study showing just how clean your hands could be.

Join the Hygiene Revolution

CleanTech® Plus is making it a whole lot easier to achieve your hygiene goals. We have created this program so you can secure everything you need to guarantee clean hands and footwear with our revolutionary fully automated hygiene technology for one low monthly price.

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