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Prevent circumvention of critical hygiene steps. Eliminate danger zones in food hygiene. Stay compliant with FSMA Zones. 

Hygiene Zones Designed for Food Safety

At Meritech, we're working to make the world a healthier, safer place by reducing the spread of pathogens.
Our hygiene experts can help you create sanitation zones and hygiene zones that reduce pathogen spread, prevent circumvention of critical hygiene steps, eliminate danger zones in food hygiene. and stay compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act Zones. 

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Each sanitation zone and hygiene zone design consultation is focused around the organization's people, place and product. By looking at what product is produced, how the facility is designed and how people are moving throughout that facility during the day we help organizations evaluate where hygiene intervention steps are required and how to prevent circumvention of those steps. 

I’m happy to report that as a company we are doing great, We have also become SQF certified that has opened new doors for our products. Our older 2000S model hand washer unit still passing all USDA and SQF inspections, I cannot express how much we rely on the continued operation and service of this unit. The reliability and performance of our unit has surpassed our expectations. Keep up the great work producing great equipment. I look forward to our continued opportunities.


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