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Facility Site Survey

Expert Consultation for Hygiene Equipment Implementation

Get the most out of Meritech Automated Hygiene Technology

One of the most important pieces of the implementation process is finding the right location to install your station. To assist with this process we offer facility site surveys, both in person and remotely via video conference.

Utility Requirements
Operational Flow
Employee Utilization

The location of your Meritech Hygiene Technology is crucial to maximizing your investment and ensuring you reach your hygiene goals. When installing your stations it's imperative you take into account the utility requirements, the flow of your hygiene zone, and the level of cross-contamination risk you are addressing. That's where we come in!

The part that impresses me most about Meritech is the professional friendly service that is noticeable from the very first time I met the team. It seems like an organized company that focuses on the details, even after the sale. I was also impressed that part of the sale was a customer service tech visit to make sure handwasher was working properly. Great people to deal with!


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