Smixin Plus 2-in-1 Handwashing System



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Smixin Plus Install Example 1200 x 800
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Smixin Plus Bathroom 1200 x 800

2-in-1 touchless soap and water Faucet

Water and soap are automatically dispensed after touchless activation via a precise sensor. Due to the optimal mix of water and soap with air, your hands will feel silky-clean after washing. Handwashing that saves up to 90% water and soap while still meeting World Health Organization (WHO) handwashing standards. Seamlessly retrofits onto existing faucet for an instant upgrade.


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The Smixin Plus is a perfect upgrade to any faucet in your facility!

The Smixin Plus is an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their hand hygiene. Replace your traditional faucet in bathrooms or break rooms with a 2-in-1 soap and water faucet!

  • 2 in 1 handwashing faucet - touchless soap and water dispenser 
  • Easily retrofits wherever there is already an existing faucet
  • The internal Smart Mixing Unit combines water, soap, and air for the perfect hand wash - using just 6.7 ounces of water and 0.3 ml of soap per wash

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Improve your business's hand hygiene and save utilities - at the same time! 


Retrofits onto Existing Sinks

Easily upgrade any existing faucet with Smixin Plus. Get the ideal mixture of soap and water from one touchless faucet!

Save up to 90% of Water

The Smixin Plus uses just 6.7 ounces of water, less than a glass of water, per each hand wash.

Internal Soap Pouch

The Smixin 'Technopack' soap pouch provides 4,500 hand washes per pouch and locks inside of the system.

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