Customer Success Story: Elmer Candy Corporation

Customer Elmer Candy Corporation
Location Ponchatoula, LA
Industry Food Processing

Elmer Chocolate Logo - Customer Using CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations

After attending an IFT conference and seeing Meritech's CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations in action, Bernd Weber the CTO and VP of Process Technology at Elmer Candy Corporation knew that CleanTech® was the perfect solution for ensuring consistent hand hygiene at their facility. 

About Elmer Candy Corporation

Chocolates Produced by Elmer Candy Co, a Customer of MeritechFounded in 1855 in New Orleans, and incorporated in 1914, Elmer Candy Corporation produces candy for all holidays including chocolate boxes for Valentine's Day and Christmas as well as Heavenly Hash Eggs, Gold Brick Eggs and Pecan Eggs for Easter. 

Today, Elmer Candy Corporation is the second-largest chocolate heart box manufacturer in the country. In 2016, the company expanded its facility footprint by adding an additional 70,000 sq. ft. to its already 330,000 sq. ft. factory. Elmer Chocolate continues to lead with the highest level of quality control, food safety and industry innovation. 

How Did CleanTech® Automated Hand Washing Stations Help Elmer Candy Corporation?

3 4000S Industrial Handwashing Stations and XBW Boot Scrubber at Elmer Candy Company


After Elmer expanded their facility footprint, Bernd Weber the CTO and VP of Process Technology at Elmer Candy Corporation was looking to rework entry points and improve hand hygiene protocols by standardize handwashing processes. Upon seeing CleanTech® Automated Handwashing at an IFT conference, Weber knew that this was the solution he needed to ensure consistent and effective hand wash for every employee, every time. 

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CleanTech® Automated Industrial Handwashing Stations Installed by Elmer Candy Corporation

The first CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station, a 2000S with Sole Clean was installed near the QA lab to test and validate automated handwashing as a solution for their facility.Learn more about the CleanTech® 4000S here


After testing out the 2000S at their QA lab, Elmer Candy Corporation replaced the manual sinks at their main entrance to the production area of the facility with three CleanTech® 4000S systems and an XBW Soles-Only boot scrubber.


Designed for high throughput environments, the 4000S provided Elmer Candy Corporation with 9 bays in total so large shifts could quickly wash their hands before entering the production area. Before washing their hands using the CleanTech® system, each employee has to walk through the XBW Soles-Only boot scrubber to remove any debris and pathogens from the bottom of their footwear. 

CleanTech® Helps Elmer Candy Corporation Reach their Hand Hygiene Goals for Food Safety

Installation of the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations at Elmer Candy Corporation helped them improve hygiene protocols and lead with the highest level of quality control, food safety and industry innovation. 

"The Elmer Candy Corporation has been in the confectionary business since 1855. In the past, GMP practices included several manual multi-handwash stations" said Bernd Weber the CTO and VP of Process Technology. "We have always had to monitor employees and ensure they were spending the appropriate time to clean their hands effectively. I knew we needed a technology upgrade that provides consistent and sustainable results for every employee, every time.

The CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations and XBW Boot scrubber allows us to do just that. It has allowed us to keep our promise to our customers to deliver safe, quality food every day, all day."

4000S Industrial Hand Washers and XBW Boot Washer at Elmer Candy Company

 Meritech offers the leading technology in their sphere while delivering excellent partnership experiences along the way."

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