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CleanTech® 4000S

High-Throughput Industrial Automated Handwashing Station

The CleanTech® 4000S Automated Handwashing System features three hand wash stations in a single stainless steel, water-resistant housing. Designed for high volume, high frequency handwashing, the 4000S accommodates 12-15 people per minute. The station can also be equipped with our CleanTech® Enhancements that ensure 12 seconds of contact time for simultaneous hand and footwear sanitation. 

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CleanTech® Overview

  • 3-Bay, freestanding, stainless steel durable construction
  • Designed for high-volume, high-frequency use
  • Accommodates 12-15 people per minute
  • Self-clean cycle runs every 8 hours, 3x daily
  • One drain and one hot and cold water line
  • Single power source supplies all three bays
  • Solution empty indicator
  • CIP Friendly
  • Visible Compliance Monitor

What are CleanTech® Handwashing Stations?:

CleanTech® Specifications

  • Dimensions: 56" width x 21 1/2" depth x 48 1/2" height
  • Weight: 220 lbs. (varies with options)
  • Shipping Weight: 450 lbs. (varies with options)
  • Cycle Activation: Automatic via infrared photo-optical sensor. 12-second wash and rinse cycle. 
  • Handwash Compliance Monitor: Counts number of handwash cycles. Optional resettable counter. 
  • LED light bar solutions level indicator
  • Water Consumption: 0.6 gallons per 12-second hand wash cycle per station
  • Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 480 W (160 W per bay)
  • Plumbing Inlet: 2 each, 3/4" male hose, hot and cold minimum 12 GPM, 40-100 PSI, 50 PSI optimum
  • Drain: Standard 1 1/2" drain stub, P–Trap to be supplied by facility Ideal drain height 18-22" from floor
  • Compressed Air (for optional integrated air curtain dryer): 3/4" inside diameter supply line recommended, 50 SCFM at 25-30 for optimal performance, not to exceed 50 PSI. Air pressure regulator not supplied. Recommend installing external air pressure regulator on facility airline prior to system connection.
  • Solutions Storage: one 2 1/2 gallon containers of Hand Solution in each bay. one 1 gallon container of Self-Clean in each bay
  • Solutions Compatibility: Required solutions and self–clean chemical provided by Meritech (Other solutions will void warranty.)

Full Specifications:

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CleanTech® Enhancements

Our CleanTech® Enhancements ensure at least 12 seconds of contact time with hygiene solutions for guaranteed pathogen removal from both hands AND footwear during the CleanTech® 12 second hand wash cycle. 

Integrated Air Curtain
Semitransparent 2000s with Sole CleanSole Clean Semitransparent-4000s-with-Boot-Dip
Boot Dip

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CleanTech® Plus Program Includes:

  • Ownership of CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station
  • All required Meritech Hygiene Solutions
  • Regular preventative maintenance, deep cleaning, calibration, and training
  • Expert hygiene consultation and implementation
  • Full parts and labor warranty
  • Free shipping
  • No up-front cost
  • Receive the newest CleanTech® equipment every 3 years

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What is CleanTech® Plus?:

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What is it like working with Meritech?

“The part that impresses me most about Meritech is the professional friendly service that is noticeable from the very first time I met the team. It seems like an organized company that focuses on the details, even after the sale. Great people to deal with!” - Nutradried Food Company

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By getting to know your business and understanding your current processes and struggles we can advise on processes, equipment, and hygiene zone design. 

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More than just an equipment provider we want to be your partner in helping you reach your hygiene goals after the sale with unmatched support, educational opportunities, and training. 

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