CleanTech 500EZ Automatic Handwashing Station
CleanTech 500EZ Automatic Hand Washing System

CleanTech 500EZ Automatic Handwashing Station

The CleanTech 500EZ automatic handwashing system features a stainless steel, watertight cabinet designed for wall mount in high-use areas and is ideal for industrial production environments. Very durable and made to withstand a lot of use in difficult environments, the CleanTech 500EZ holds three, 4 Liter containers of soap, which provides up to 2,400 washes in high volume areas. This is our most cost-effective CleanTech model for industrial environments but can also work in other environments where easy cleaning and durability are important.

  • Overview
  • Overview

    • Designed for high–use areas
    • Wall mount
    • Washes up to mid–forearm
    • Stainless steel body, NEMA 4X electronics housing
    • Optional Integrated Air Curtain Dryer (500EZA)
  • Specifications
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 18 1/8” width x 19 5/8” depth x 25 1/2” height
    • Weight: 70 lbs.
    • Shipping Weight: 85 lbs.
    • Cycle Activation: Automatic, via infrared photo-optical sensor. 12-second wash and rinse cycle.
    • Handwash Compliance Monitor: Counts number of handwash cycles. Optional resettable counter. 
    • Solutions Gauge: Indicates Normal/Empty/Blocked Solution Status
    • Water Consumption: 0.6 gallons per 12-second hand wash cycle
    • Electrical: 100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 300 W
    • Plumbing Inlet: 2 each, 3/4" male hose, hot and cold minimum 4 GPM, 40-100 PSI, 50 PSI optimum, water supply line supplied
    • Drain: Standard 1 1/2" drain stub, P–Trap to be supplied by facility. Ideal drain height 18" from floor.
    • Solutions Storage: 3 — One gallon containers of Hand Soap
    • Solutions Compatibility: Required soap provided by Meritech (Other solutions will void warranty.)
  • Available Options
  • Available Options

    • Durable stainless steel, water-tight cabinet for CIP
    • Ideal for high-traffic, high-volume facilities
    • Handwash compliance monitor
    • Three 4 Liter soap containers
    • Visible soap-out indicator
    • Turnstile connection electronics
    • Restricted area capability
    • Resettable compliance monitor
  • Ideal Markets
  • Ideal Markets

    When durability and CIP is desired for food processing, packaging, or food service industries, the 500EZ is the most economical option — same technology with fewer features than our larger models. Visit your market for more insight into other available Meritech solutions.