Customer Success Story: The Jel Sert Company

Customer The Jel Sert Company
Location Chicago, IL
Industry Food Processing

The Jel Sert Company partnered with Meritech to install CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations in 2010 to ensure the health and safety of their employees and consumers at their Chicago, IL facility. Now, 12 years later, Jel Sert is replacing 18 of their 21 stations after completing more than 10 Million fully automated hand wash cycles. Learn more about this customer success story with CleanTech® below:

About The Jel Sert Company

JelSert-logo Since its incorporation in 1926, The Jel Sert Company has been at the forefront of innovation in the food and beverage industry with an evolving portfolio of brands ranging from drink mixes and dessert mixes to freezer pops.

Since day one, Jel Sert has built its reputation on the belief that quality comes first. Whether it's their products, people, manufacturing methods, or philanthropic programs, quality is at the forefront of everything Jel Sert does.

After 12 Years and 10 Million Hand Wash Cycles, Jel Sert Replaces CleanTech® Systems


In 2010, the Jel Sert Company and Meritech partnered to improve food safety practices. After examining the needs of Jel Sert’s facilities, we selected the CleanTech® 500EZ for their hygiene zones. CleanTech®Automated Handwashing Stations are clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in just 12 seconds with zero waste of water or chemical. The compact nature of the 500EZ allows for high throughput with a small footprint.

Jel Sert has now replaced 18 of their 21 CleanTech® systems with brand new 500EZs. The CleanTech® 500EZ turned out to be the perfect solution for their facility and we are thrilled to play such an important role in their daily hygiene process. The level of commitment to food safety, employee hygiene, and quality made by The Jel Sert Company sets a shining example for food processors around the world.

“We began implementing Meritech hand wash stations in 2010, and they have become the cornerstone of our Good Manufacturing Practices. Quick, easy to use, and effective!”

- Simon Richards, VP of Manufacturing & Engineering at The Jel Sert Company

CleanTech® Helps The Jel Sert Company Reach their Hand Hygiene Goals for Food Safety

Installation of the CleanTech® 500EZ Automated Handwashing Station at The Jel Sert Company production facility in Chicago, IL helped them ensure hand hygiene protocols and lead with the highest level of quality control and food safety at their facility.

Learn more about CleanTech® for Food Processing Here

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