Why Make the Switch to a Meritech Automated Boot Scrubber?

Although Meritech is known worldwide for our CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Technology, we also specialize in building some of the most robust automatic boot scrubber equipment on the market. Meritech automatic boot scrubbers were developed to further address footwear hygiene in the food industry. When touring facilities across the country we noticed that existing boot scrubbing technology was not as effective as it could be. So, we went to work developing our automatic boot scrubber technology with the same drive that led to our CleanTech® systems. Here are some main benefits of Meritech automatic boot scrubbers:

Automatic Boot Scrubbers Standardize Footwear Hygiene and Improve Compliance

Like our automated hand washing technology, Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubbers simplify and standardize the hygiene process. Standardization is key to making sure that all levels of your facility are taking adequate hygiene precautions. Simplification of the hygiene process also helps to improve employee compliance with hygiene protocols. One of our customers, Pecan Deluxe Candy Company said it best, “The easier you make it the more compliant they are.”

Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubbers Come In Various Configurations to Fit Your Hygiene Zone

On top of helping to standardize hygiene across your facility, we also offer a variety of equipment to fit different facility needs:

The design of our MBW line of automatic boot scrubbers is CIP friendly and compact so that it can easily integrate into already established hygiene zones. That way your employees can go from washing their footwear, donning PPE and washing their hands, in a simple, effective manner. Available in soles-only and 3-inch brush configurations, the systems are also easy to install so facilities can integrate automatic boot scrubber equipment as soon as necessary.

Our XBW line of boot scrubbers were designed for wet, industrial environments that require high throughput walk-through equipment. These CIP friendly systems can handle scrubbing and sanitizing 15-20 employees per minute and are available in soles-only, 3-inch brush and 9-inch brush configurations.

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Meritech Automated Boot Scrubbers are Made in Golden, CO with USA-based Support

All Meritech products are manufactured 100% in the USA at our Golden, CO headquarters and go through a rigorous quality control process. Keeping our systems in peak condition is one of our main priorities since their operation is key to your food safety efforts.

Our service team is located in Golden CO and throughout the United States. No matter where you’re located in the U.S., our service team will visit our customers to ensure that their systems are running smoothly and are available to provide virtual support via video or phone call. All our customers also receive access to our Digital Owners Guide which provides step by step instructions for basic maintenance and solution replacement. There are also instructional videos that show exactly how to operate and maintain the systems for you and your team.

“Things that make Meritech stand out, aside from the great line of products is the customer service. Call, email, doesn’t matter, the response time is very fast. So, if there is an issue, there’s someone at your facility the next day. Being able to offer those things in such a fast amount of time has been invaluable to us.”

- Ahsha Abu-Ali, Associate Director of Food Safety at HelloFresh

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