How To Don and Doff Disposable Gloves for Food Safety

It’s easy to overlook basic safety practices that are simple and repetitive. Proper donning and doffing of disposable glove for food safety s is one of those practices, but it is a key aspect of food safety. Learn how to guarantee health and safety with proper gloving protocol.

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Remove your hand and wrist jewelry, have nail length below the fingertip, and in a clean area follow these steps:


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  1. Thoroughly wash hands.
  2. Select the appropriately sized gloves.
  3. Hold with one hand and Insert the other. When the base of your thumb reaches the cuff of the glove begin to spread fingers and insert hand into glove.
  4. Pull glove cuff towards wrist to cover as much skin as possible and secure glove.
  5. Check to make sure there are no holes or tears.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for your other hand.

It’s important to call out the importance of the first step. Bacteria can multiply rapidly in the moist environments underneath gloves, and it’s possible to have an unseen defect or tear happen during use. Wash your hands before donning gloves to ensure that the environment under the glove is clean to guarantee food safety. CleanTech® fully-automated handwashing stations remove more than 99.9% of pathogens in each wash, so your hands are safe inside their gloves.CleanTech EVO ONE with Controlled Access

When removing a pair of disposable gloves, do not touch the outside of the glove with bare skin, and do not remove gloves near or over food or any food handling surface in order to prevent cross-contamination. You should follow these steps to properly doff disposable gloves:


  1. Pinch one glove at the wrist
  2. Remove glove by pulling away from your body
  3. Continue holding the glove you just removed in your gloved hand. Slide a few fingers of your bare hand inside the cuff of the glove you are still wearing.
  4. Pulling away from your body, peel off the second glove, turning it inside out and leaving the first glove wrapped inside as you remove it.
  5. Dispose of gloves safely and wash your hands before touching any other surfaces.

Donning and doffing disposable gloves properly is simple, but crucial. Gain confidence in your food safety by educating on proper gloving techniques.

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