CleanTech® EVO: The Ultimate Automated Handwashing Solution

The CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing System is the only hand washing system that provides a superior hand wash to manual hand washing. Not only does it provide a transformative hand washing experience, but it also consistently eliminates over 99.9% of dangerous pathogens in just 12 seconds. There is no question that CleanTech® EVO surpasses all other hand washing systems, but what sets it apart?

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Experience the Future of Hand Washing with Full Automation

No other type of hand washing station, from sinks to wash fountains, is fully automated. The CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Station takes care of all the steps necessary to ensure optimal pathogen removal, leaving users with the simple task of placing their hands in and removing them from the system. Thanks to a photo eye sensor, each hand wash is automatically initiated as soon as hands enter the system.

superior hand wash

Full automation also allows for there to be no room for human error when performing the hand wash. In contrast to manual sinks where users are responsible for their own hand wash, the CleanTech® EVO takes care of every aspect, including water flow, hygiene solution dispensing, and timing. This guarantees that every user effectively eliminates over 99.9% of harmful pathogens after utilizing the system.

Consistency is Key for an Exceptional Hand Wash

Consistency is paramount when it comes to hygiene, as human behavior in this regard can vary greatly. CleanTech® EVO ensures that every hand wash is identical, regardless of the user. This is especially crucial in environments like food processing plants, hospitals, and schools, where the consequences of an imperfect hand wash can be incredibly high. By prioritizing consistency, CleanTech® EVO enables establishments to achieve hygiene excellence and minimize the risk of contamination.

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With consistent and optimal removal of pathogens, there is no longer a need for constant monitoring of hand hygiene. Managers can now redirect their focus and time towards addressing other critical food safety or hygiene concerns within their facilities. This newfound freedom allows for a more efficient and effective management approach, ensuring that all necessary matters receive the attention they deserve.

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Achieve Effortless Hygiene with CleanTech® EVO

Ensuring that essential steps are carried out correctly is crucial in any hygiene process, and ease of use plays a vital role in achieving this. If a process is overly complex or time-consuming, employees are less likely to adhere to it. One of our customers, HelloFresh, said it best, "You stick your hands in and it does all the work for you. The easier you make it, the more fun it is, your employees are going to follow that. That’s been really great for us.” 

superior hand wash

CleanTech® EVO goes beyond being just an effective hand wash, it is also a pleasant experience. Countless users have raved about their delightful experience with CleanTech®, likening it to a luxurious spa treatment for their hands. This pleasurable encounter not only encourages users to wash their hands more frequently but also enhances their overall hygiene habits. Treat your employees to the ultimate hand wash experience with CleanTech® EVO.

Learn everything you need to know about CleanTech® EVO in our upcoming webinar!