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Introducing the Sole Clean Dry Step for Dry Environment Footwear Sanitization

August 2,2018 | by Michele Colbert

boot scrubbers, footwear hygiene, employee hygiene, News & Events

Meritech’s newest addition to their line of fully automated footwear sanitizing systems, the Sole Clean Dry Step, is a fully automated footwear sanitizing system  designed for dry and semi-dry production facilities. 

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Don’t let PATHOGENS wander into your Production Zones on employee shoes!

April 25,2018 | by Michele Colbert

Boot Cleanability, boot scrubbers, footwear hygiene, employee hygiene, food safety culture

Considerations for footwear hygiene protocol for production zones.

An effective Employee Hygiene Program is critical in preventing contamination of production zones and ultimately contamination of your finished product.

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Importance of Automated Employee Hygiene in Food Processing and Packaging

April 9,2018 | by Jil Di Rito

footwear hygiene, Handwashing, employee hygiene

Most food production and packaging professionals understand the importance of good hand hygiene, but how many understand the potential pitfalls of even the most strictly enforced SOP’s?

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Boot Cleanability & Hygiene: Choosing the Best Work Boots for Food Safety

March 8,2016 | by Paul Barnhill

Boot Cleanability, footwear hygiene, Personnel Hygiene, tread design, food safety culture

Top Considerations When Choosing Work Shoes for Food Production

Protection, comfort and durability are typically the main considerations when first evaluating a footwear solution for your production facility. However, many companies forget to consider boot design as a crucial factor when implementing a hygiene program for food safety. In this blog post, we'll review what types of footwear are best for food safety and which boots to avoid in order to reduce the spread of pathogens in your food production facility. 

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