The Best Work Boots for Boot Scrubber Efficacy

by Paul Barnhill, on May 21,2019

Choosing the Best Work Boots to Use with Boot Scrubbers


Protection, comfort and durability are typically the main considerations when first evaluating a footwear solution for your food production facility. However, many companies forget to consider boot design as a crucial factor when implementing a successful footwear hygiene program for food safety. In this blog post, we'll review what types of footwear are best to use with boot scrubbers  and which work boots to avoid in order to reduce the spread of pathogens in your food production facility.

Easy-to-Clean Boots are Best for Boot Scrubbers

When implementing a captive boot program, footwear should be highly cleanable in order to maintain the highest levels of employee hygiene and protect the consumers of your brand's products. 

The best types of boots for food safety are those with shallow, wide and open treads that allow for debris to easily be removed from the bottom of the shoe. These types of treads also allow the boot to be easily sanitized when employees use an automatic boot scrubber and sanitizing station upon entering or leaving the production facility. For example, the best boots for food safety would have treads that look like the following: 


Work Boots to Avoid for Food Safety

Unfortunately, some work boots can actually help spread deadly pathogens at your facility. The worst types of work boots for food safety are those with deep, tight and closed treads that tend to hold debris and pathogens. The following are examples of footwear that should be avoided to ensure effective sanitization when using a boot scrubber upon entering or leaving a production zone:


Download our Boot Cleanability & Hygiene Guide for Boot Scrubbers

If you are unsure of the cleanability of your current work boots or want help in deciding what types boots would work best with boot scrubbers for your captive footwear program, download our boot cleanability and hygiene guide! This guide has detailed images that illustrate exactly what types of boot tread are best for food safety.

If you have any questions about the work boot examples shown in this guide or implementing automatic boot scrubbers in your food production facility, contact our footwear hygiene experts at (800) 932 - 7707. 


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