Effectively Sanitize
Boots and Shoes
to Wash Your Risk Away

Automatic Boot Scrubbers in Use at a Food Production Facility

Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubber Stations

Meritech boot scrubbers address the need for more effective boot washing programs in the most demanding food production environments. Optimized for quick cleaning, our systems are manufactured and calibrated to maintain the optimum sanitizing chemical concentration at all times. Plus, each footwear hygiene system is made is America with a full parts and labor warranty. 
From agricultural to food/beverage operations, the complete line of Meritech boot scrubbers are designed to ensure that footwear is not a vector for pathogen transmission inside of food processing facilities where employee hygiene is critical.
  • Compact, efficient, and hygenic design with tool–less brush removal
  • Consistent and effective wash with adjustable brush depth
  • Meritech boot scrubbers contribute to eliminating harmful germs and pathogens at plant entrances and between processing environments.
  • Each system is available with a variety of options and can be customized for specific applications.
  • Easy to install, and fit into tight spaces where other brands can’t be used
  • Warranty Promise

  • Industrial Boot Scrubbers for Food Processing Applications where food processing hygiene are critical.
  • Achieve the highest level of footwear hygiene
  • All machines can be bi-directional and automatically apply sanitizing solution to ensure pathogen-free boots.