When Should Automatic Industrial Boot Scrubbers Be Used?

An automatic industrial boot scrubber ensures effective footwear hygiene for a variety of facility types, but is it for everyone? We explore when automatic industrial boot scrubbers should be installed at a facility below.

The Types of Automatic Industrial Boot Scrubbers

There are two main types of automatic industrial boot scrubbers. There are the MBW systems that have a compact design that can fit in tight spaces and the XBW systems that are designed for high-volume operations. Both seamlessly scrub and remove pathogens from necessary parts of the footwear such as soles or sides of work boots depending on the brush height.

The design of our MBW line of automatic boot scrubbers is CIP friendly and compact so that it can easily integrate into already established hygiene zones. That way your employees can go from washing their footwear, donning PPE and washing their hands, in a simple, effective manner. Available in soles-only and 3-inch brush configurations, the systems are also easy to install so facilities can integrate automatic boot scrubber equipment as soon as necessary.

Our XBW line of boot scrubbers were designed for industrial environments that require high throughput walk-through equipment. These CIP friendly systems can accommodate up to 15-20 employees per minute and are available in soles-only, 3-inch brush and 9-inch brush configurations.

Learn Why Companies Make the Switch to Meritech Boot Scrubbers

When is the Best Time to Make the Switch to Automatic Industrial Boot Scrubbers?

These automatic industrial boot scrubbers are meant to accommodate facilities that are serious about the risks of pathogen spread due to cross contamination and overall poor footwear hygiene. By utilizing an automatic industrial boot scrubber, they eliminate human variability which therefore limits the many risks of pathogen spread due to poor hygiene. Incorporating this technology sooner rather than later is crucial to ensuring that your products are being made in the safest environment possible.

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Take the Elmer Candy Corporation for example. After seeing Meritech technology in action at an IFT conference, one of their executives knew that consistency and standardization would be a breeze if they incorporated automated hygiene at their facility. Each employee is now required to walk through the XWB Soles-Only boot scrubber to remove any debris from the bottom of their footwear before entering the production zone.

“I knew we needed a technology upgrade that provides consistent and sustainable results for every employee, every time. The CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations and XBW Boot scrubber allows us to do just that. It has allowed us to keep our promise to our customers to deliver safe, quality food every day, all day." – Bernd Weber CTO and CP of Process Technology, Elmer Candy Corporation.

By incorporating automatic boot scrubbers, companies set themselves apart as leaders in food safety and showcase that they are committed to their health and safety of their workers and customers.

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