Is Your Food Hygiene Program Working For Food Safety?

Managing a food hygiene program is a huge undertaking. From designing a hygiene zone, to picking the perfect equipment, and then validating that it meets your hand and footwear hygiene standards, it’s a lot of work. Fortunately, a partner in hygiene excellence can help you overcome these challenges. In this blog, we explore the top challenges for quality and operation managers when designing and implementing a food hygiene program and how partnering with Meritech helps with each:

Finding the right handwashing station to ensure hygiene program success

The design of a hygiene zone and the hand washing station and/or boot scrubber in it, directly impacts the success of your hygiene program. A poorly designed hygiene zone with the wrong types of hygiene equipment in it can severely impact throughput and potentially contribute to cross-contamination risk, rather than reducing it.

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For quality managers and operational managers the design of the hygiene zone often falls on their shoulders. They have to try to create that process and pick the perfect handwashing station or industrial boot scrubber on their own, pulling together materials to create a good workflow through the hygiene zone.

How Partnering with Meritech solves this:

Sample Hygiene Room Layout-1Meritech doesn’t just sell hand washing stations and industrial footwear hygiene systems, we are your partner in designing and implementing a complete hygiene program. During our facility site survey visits we look at your core, satellite and supplementary hygiene zones and work with you to choose the right automated hygiene equipment based on the three P’s: people, place and product to ensure that people can move quickly through the hygiene zone and have clean hands.



Investing in hygiene equipment for your food hygiene program 

Technology is changing all the time as companies reinvent and create new ways to address behavioral challenges when it comes to hygiene. A company may invest in a piece of equipment and find it’s obsolete or something better has come along just a few years later.

How Partnering with Meritech solves this:

At Meritech we want to make sure organizations have the best equipment for their hygiene program at all times so they can ensure hygiene excellence. So, every three years we send over the newest CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations.

Maintaining hygiene equipment for your hygiene program

With advanced technology could come advanced repairs and costly parts. Plus, if a facility’s in-house maintenance team can’t fix the equipment themselves, it may take months to get the equipment fixed.

How Partnering with Meritech solves this:

food hygiene programPartnering with Meritech,  preventative maintenance covered as well as all warranty parts. We have skilled engineers throughout the country available to assist and help with maintenance and repairs and a lot of self-help videos to help with simple repairs in a pinch!



Having the right supplies for your food hygiene program

One of the biggest challenges that many hygiene programs are probably experiencing right now is access to supplies. Given supply chain strains right now, ensuring that hygiene zones are stocked with the proper supplies can be difficult.

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It’s even more difficult to control those hygiene supplies and know how much soap to order if the number of handwashes performed in a given day and the amount of soap used for each hand hygiene event changes per team member.

How Partnering with Meritech solves this challenge:

At Meritech we believe that quality managers and operation managers should be focusing on quality and operational excellence, not: "When do I need to reorder soap?" Partnering with us, we look at the number of employees you have, how many handwashes are required in a day and provide hygiene solutions on a regular, recurring basis to support hygiene program success. 


Adapting to changes within your food hygiene program

If we have learned nothing else in 2020, we have learned that being in business means change and being flexible to that change. For hygiene program managers, this change can occur at any time due to seasonality, sudden changes in staff size or major operational changes. 

How Partnering with Meritech solves this challenge:

Meritech has a hygiene program built upon partnership, and we’ll revise the hygiene program to meet the company's changing needs. We’ve designed our food hygiene program to be truly worry-free and grow with the hygiene program as it evolves. Plus, once the equipment ships to the facility, there’s no cancellation fees within 60 days.


Does partnering with Meritech sound like the perfect solution to your hygiene program challenges? Learn more about the program and get a quote now at: 

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