The Power of CleanTech® EVO: Ensuring Optimal Hand Hygiene

Our goal with CleanTech® EVO Automated Hand Washing Technology was to relieve food safety managers and anyone in charge of hygiene from the burden of constantly monitoring hand washing. Ensuring proper hand washing when done manually is a challenging task that requires constant inspection of every employee, which is clearly an impractical endeavor. With CleanTech® EVO, each hand wash is the same for every user. Having no more concerns about proper hand washing technique gives both managers and users peace of mind as they enter production zones.

Unveiling the Science behind CleanTech® EVO Hand Washing

With a CleanTech® EVO automated hand wash, the hand washing process is made simple. The reason for its superiority over manual hand washing lies in our patented technology that we’ve perfected over the past 35 years. Each CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station is equipped with 40 nozzles, 20 for each hand, with 8 of those 40 nozzles specifically focused on the fingertips. These nozzles rotate around the hands 23 times in 12 seconds, pulling harmful pathogens from the hands, each time.

Hand Washing Technology

The unique hygiene solution used in our CleanTech® EVO stations is formulated to protect the integrity of the CleanTech® system and remove more 99.9% of pathogens from hands. Gone are the days of fretting about the cleanliness of soap dispensers or the type of soap you should be buying. The CleanTech® EVO station knows exactly the right amount of UltraPure to dispense during each wash cycle. In addition, our hand hygiene solution is enriched with moisturizers that not only prevent hand cracking or chapping but also reduce the risk of spreading pathogens.

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Why CleanTech® Automated Hygiene Technology is Reliable

During over 50 clinical studies conducted by a 3rd-party lab with GLP certification, CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Technology removed more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens. In addition to its efficiency, each 12-second automated hand wash is also completely touch-free, guaranteeing zero cross-contamination between users. As soon as hands are placed into the system, a state-of-the-art photo-eye sensor initiates the hand wash, completely eradicating any risk of cross-contamination.

Hand Washing Technology

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The CleanTech® EVO hand washing technology surpasses all manual hand washing methods, guaranteeing food safety managers that their employees achieve the highest level of pathogen removal before entering production zones. With each automated hand wash being flawless every time, managers can have peace of mind knowing that their team's hygiene is taken care of efficiently and effectively.

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