Exceed Food Safety Regulations and Standards with Automation

Food safety leaders are well aware of the many food safety regulations and standards that their plants need to adhere to. Fortunately, there is an effortless way to exceed these standards with the help of automated hygiene.

How Automated Hygiene Increases Compliance

We’ve all heard of the “splash and dash” hand washing technique. A person turns on a water faucet and quickly lathers their hands with soap for what looks like at most three seconds, then rinse for about the same amount of time, and air dry as they leave the area. This may seem like an extreme example, but it’s no secret that many food processing facilities struggle to have their employees perform a full 20-30 second proper manual hand wash every time they are in a hygiene zone. This makes it difficult to meet hygiene food safety regulations and standards. 

CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Systems were made to replace the variability of a manual hand wash with a 12 second automatic cycle. We’ve replaced the scrubbing action and friction of rubbing two hands together during a manual handwash with 40 jet nozzles, 20 per hand, that are designed in an optimal pattern to remove pathogens. As the cylinder rotates around the hand, the jets spray onto the hand and get into every crack and crevice to remove pathogens. Plus, the hygiene solution used in the CleanTech, UltraPure, keeps hands moisturized so that employees can wash their hands more frequently without worrying about drying out the skin. 

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How Automation can help with food safety audits

Audits are a common occurrence in the food safety industry. It can be difficult to properly prepare and inform your teams for the extensive checks and reviews that auditors will be going through. There can be an overwhelming number of factors that can contribute to less than pristine audit results. Employee hygiene techniques have so much variation from employee to employee that it is impossible to standardize hand washing with the use of traditional sinks. This can lead to a facility that fails to meet food safety regulations and standards. 

With CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Systems, every single hand wash is the same for every employee. Each hand wash has also been clinically proven to remove 99.9% of harmful pathogens so food safety leaders can rest assured that their teams are receiving the best hand wash before and after entering production zones. EVO Three

Upgrading to automated hygiene can also showcase your company’s overall commitment to food safety to any agency or official that visits your facility. CleanTech® is recognized by auditors as a suitable replacement for sinks. It even says so right in the FDA’s food code! So, you can trust that automation is already accepted by major regulatory agencies.

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