CleanTech® EVO: The Future of Sustainable Hand Hygiene in Food Safety

When you examine a manual hand wash closely, you'll find that it is far from optimal in terms of food safety as well as sustainability. Manual hand wash sinks were not originally designed to be eco-friendly. Even most hand sanitizers are designed to be easily disposable. In developing CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Stations, we aimed to not only create the perfect hand wash, but to also support our customers' eco-conscious initiatives.

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Maximize Your Hand Washing Efficiency with Minimal Water Consumption

CleanTech® EVO uses our own unique hygiene solution called UPX. The introduction of UPX signifies a major advancement in our UltraPure hand hygiene solution, specifically designed for CleanTech® EVO. Compared to our Classic CleanTech® systems, the UPX formula is highly concentrated, allowing for more hand washes in a compact and environmentally-friendly cartridge. 

sustainable hand hygieneEvery CleanTech® automated hand wash cycle uses 100% of the hygiene solution and water for the hand wash. In contrast, a manual hand wash often squanders a significant amount of water as individuals lather and dry their hands. We set out to make our systems as efficient as possible when it comes to water savings without sacrificing efficacy. As a result of the switch to CleanTech®, Kern Meat Company even cut their water usage in half.

“The [CleanTech®] handwashing stations also provided some energy savings. At the former plant, which was five times smaller than the new one, the company consumed about 400 gallons of water per day for employee handwashing; the new stations cut that in half." – Kern Meat Company 

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An Eco-Friendly Approach to Ensuring Food Safety

sustainable hand hygieneWe understood that water conservation alone was not enough to support sustainability efforts. We also recognized the importance of reducing landfill waste for many companies. With CleanTech® EVO's innovative solution cartridges, our customers can easily return their empty UPX containers to Meritech for recycling. This not only significantly reduces unnecessary waste but also helps our customers achieve their sustainability goals. CleanTech® EVO is undeniably the epitome of advanced hygiene technology, addressing both food safety and sustainability. Experience the unparalleled revolution in hand hygiene with CleanTech® EVO as it takes hand washing to a whole new level, minimizing waste like never before.

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