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CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations vs. Industrial Trough Sinks

For decades, food processing facilities have relied on industrial trough sinks as a minimum requirement. They’re large and easily recognizable for new hires. Even some commercial settings utilize industrial trough sinks since they can easily be installed against a large wall space. When it comes to food safety however, bigger isn’t always better.

Industrial Trough Sinks Do Nothing to Improve Compliance

The elephant in the room when it comes to most manual sinks is compliance. Even the latest sink designs do not address this key aspect of food safety hygiene. Industrial trough sinks are no exception. While they can address the issue of providing multiple hand washes at a time, they do nothing to improve each user’s own hand hygiene. Like most manual sinks, they leave the proper hand wash up to each user which can be dangerous in a fast-paced work environment like food processing or manufacturing. Most employees are trying to get back and forth between workstations and give little thought to how they should be properly washing their hands despite what training has taught them. industrial trough sink

CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations were designed to address this crucial problem in the manufacturing and food industries. One of our customers, HelloFresh said it best, “The easier you make it, the more fun it is, your employees are going to follow that.” Each CleanTech® automated hand wash is only 12 seconds and requires minimal effort from users. The stations start automatically when hands enter the units and display a large countdown timer so that users know when to remove their hands. Once their hands are removed, users can be sure that more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens have been removed from their hands.

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industrial trough sinks

Another feature that CleanTech® provides is its ability to track and store valuable compliance data on its color touchscreen display. This information is crucial for managers to see which shifts or areas of a facility are washing their hands properly before entering or exiting production zones. No more dedicating time to monitor or police behaviors. Even if industrial trough sinks could record data, it still wouldn’t be as valuable since proper hand washes are never guaranteed with sinks.

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Industrial Trough Sinks Have More Touchpoints

Most industrial trough sinks run like any other type of sink. They usually require users to touch either faucets or soap dispensers to complete a hand wash. This can be especially dangerous in hygiene zones where the risks of cross contamination are elevated. Even “touchless” trough sinks that are activated by a shoe pedal can contaminate footwear and have pathogens enter production zones by foot. 

Industrial Trough Sinks

CleanTech® provides a completely touchless hand wash for every user. We designed the units to eliminate all cross-contamination risks that are present in manual sinks. If a facility has CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations in their hygiene zones, managers can rest assured that cross contamination risks are significantly lowered.

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CleanTech® Also Offers High Throughput Options 

industrial trough sinks

With units like the CleanTech® EVO Three, up to three users can wash their hands at the same time and since it only takes 12 seconds, the next users shouldn’t have to wait long at all. This will help shifts to return to their workstations faster and will help to control the flow of traffic in hygiene zones. Plus CleanTech® EVO Three can be placed in a variety of different ways in hygiene zones.

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In summary, CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations provide better compliance tracking, no cross contamination and high throughput while providing the perfect hand wash in only 12 seconds. Which sounds better to you?