Why CleanTech® Handwashing is Better Than Industrial Trough Sinks

For years, food processing facilities have made use of industrial trough sinks as a basic necessity. These sinks, with their large size and recognizable design, have been a familiar sight for new employees. Even in commercial settings, industrial trough sinks are favored due to their convenient installation against a spacious wall. However, when it comes to ensuring food safety, size isn't always the determining factor.

Industrial Trough Sinks Do Not Improve Food Safety Hygiene Compliance

One major issue with most manual sinks is the lack of compliance. Even the newest sink designs fail to address this crucial aspect of food safety hygiene. Industrial trough sinks are no different. While they can accommodate multiple hand washes at once, they do nothing to improve each user's personal hand hygiene. This can be risky in fast-paced work environments like food processing or manufacturing, where employees are often focused on moving quickly between workstations and may not give proper hand washing the attention it deserves, despite their training.
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CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations were designed to address this crucial problem in the manufacturing and food industries. One of our customers, HelloFresh said it best, “The easier you make it, the more fun it is, your employees are going to follow that.” CleanTech® Automated Hand Wash Stations offer a quick and effortless hand washing experience, taking only 12 seconds. As soon as your hands enter the unit, the station starts automatically and a large countdown timer ensures you know exactly when to remove your hands. Once you do, rest assured that over 99.9% of harmful pathogens have been effectively eliminated from your hands.

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CleanTech® goes above and beyond by offering the ability to track and store valuable compliance data on its vibrant color touchscreen display. This game-changing feature provides managers with crucial insights into which shifts or areas of a facility are practicing proper hand hygiene before entering or exiting production zones. No longer will managers have to dedicate their precious time to monitor or police behaviors. Unlike industrial trough sinks, even if they could record data, it would still be less valuable since there is no guarantee of proper hand washes. CleanTech® takes compliance to the next level, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace.

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Industrial Trough Sinks Pose a Higher Risk of Cross Contamination

In most cases, industrial trough sinks function like regular sinks, requiring users to physically touch the faucets or soap dispensers in order to complete a proper hand wash. This poses a significant risk in hygiene zones where the chances of cross contamination are heightened. Even so-called "touchless" trough sinks that are activated by a shoe pedal can still contaminate footwear and allow pathogens to enter production zones through foot contact.

Industrial Trough Sinks

CleanTech® revolutionizes hand hygiene by offering a touchless hand wash experience for each user. Our innovative design eliminates any potential cross-contamination risks that are commonly associated with manual sinks. When facilities implement CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations in their hygiene zones, managers can have complete peace of mind knowing that the risk of cross-contamination is significantly reduced.

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CleanTech® Takes High Throughput to the Next Level 

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With units like the CleanTech® EVO Three, up to three users can wash their hands at the same time and since it only takes 12 seconds, the next users shouldn’t have to wait long at all. Not only does this allow shifts to quickly get back to their workstations, but it also helps to efficiently manage the flow of traffic in hygiene zones. Additionally, the CleanTech® EVO Three can be strategically positioned in various configurations within hygiene zones, providing even more flexibility and convenience.

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To sum it up, CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations offer superior compliance tracking, eliminate cross contamination, and provide efficient throughput while delivering the ideal hand wash in just 12 seconds. Which option appeals to you more?