A Comparison of Manual vs. Automated Handwashing

All around us exist harmful pathogens that cause illness and infection, and they are most commonly spread by human hands and feet. No matter how stringent your hand washing procedures and SSOPs are, humans are prone to variability and error, resulting in poor hand hygiene and increased risk of spreading pathogens. That’s why Meritech invented CleanTech®: automatic handwashing technology that guarantees proper hygiene to reduce the spread of infection and harmful pathogens. 

So how does CleanTech® guarantee improved hand hygiene? The secret is in the automation! The below infographic illustrates the differences between a traditional manually-conducted hand wash and an automated one conducted in a CleanTech® system. 

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Manual vs Automated handwashing infographic preview image

Download the infographic here


This infographic is brought to you by Meritech, the leader in automated employee hygiene. Meritech offers a complete line of fully-automated handwashing, boot scrubbing, and footwear sanitizing equipment that provides the only clinically-validated, technology-based approach to human hygiene in the world. Meritech’s line of CleanTech® systems performs a fully-automated 12-second hand wash, sanitize and rinse cycle, removing over 99.9% of dangerous pathogens while wasting zero water or solution. Meritech delivers employee hygiene, contamination control, and infection prevention programs within a wide variety of markets, including food production, food service, cleanroom, healthcare, medical, theme parks, and cruise lines. For more information, visit www.meritech.com or call 303-790-4670.

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