CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station Myths Debunked

CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations are nothing new, at least to us. We’ve been creating automated hygiene technology for over 35 years. But when seeing CleanTech® for the first time it can seem pretty futuristic and there can be some misconceptions about the technology. 

In this post, we’ve gathered some of the most common myths about CleanTech® that we hear from people when they first see it out in the field, on social media, or in public places like cruise ships or restaurants

Myth #1: CleanTech® is going to take off my hands or fingers when I use it 

Fear not! CleanTech® has never mutilated anyone’s hands or fingers and it’s virtually impossible to get hurt using one of our systems. In fact, we’ve installed them in daycares and schools around the country, and we certainly wouldn’t do that if they could hurt any little one’s hands. 

Learn more about how Dancing Moose Montessori Schools uses CleanTech® to keeps kid's hands clean!  


Myth #2: CleanTech® can't replace the friction of a manual hand wash so it's not as effective

With CleanTech® we’ve replaced that friction you get from following those 12 manual steps with something better and more consistent. In the CleanTech® station's cylinders there are 40 nozzles, 20 for each hand, with 8 of those 40 nozzles specifically focused on the fingertips. These nozzles rotate around the hands 23 times in 12 seconds, pulling more than 99.9% of pathogens from the hands, each and every time.  

Did you know that a proper manual hand wash takes 12 steps to complete properly? Plus, it should be at least 20 seconds! That’s a lot of time, especially when you have large shift changes, and it’s rare that every single person follows all 12 steps every single time they wash their hands.

Myth #3: CleanTech® uses the same water for each user

This is absolutely false. CleanTech® has a closed loop drainage system and uses clean water for each hand wash to ensure more than 99.9% of pathogen removal for each user. There is absolutely no cross-contamination between users and each hand wash uses the perfect amount of UltraPure hand hygiene solution and of course, clean water. 

Myth #4: CleanTech® uses more water than a manual sink for handwashing

False! CleanTech® actually uses less water than a manual hand wash. Plus there’s no waste since every drop of water is being used to wash the hands, so there’s no water waste like a typical manual hand wash. With automated handwashing, some of our customers have seen water usage cut in half: 

Kern Farms Social Post

Myth #5: We can't test that an automated hand wash is better than a manual one

Actually, there’s a great way to test this with ATP testing! Adenosine triphosphate testing or ATP testing is an easy way to test the efficacy of a hand wash method by swabbing the hands before and after a hand wash and measuring the reduction. You can download our ATP testing guide here to get started. 

However, if you want to save some time, we’ve done all the research for you. We had a 3rd party laboratory test CleanTech® against a variety of pathogens including Coronavirus, E.coli, Norovirus, Salmonella and more!

Download CleanTech® efficacy studies

Myth #6: UltraPure hand hygiene solution is no better than regular hand soap for handwashing

UltraPure is actually much better for handwashing, especially combined with our CleanTech® automated handwashing stations. Regular hand soap can have dyes and fragrances that can negatively impact skin health when used frequently. UltraPure is a proprietary hygiene solution formulated with added skin conditioners to ensure employee skin health while still removing more than 99.9% of pathogens from hands when used with our CleanTech® stations. 

Myth #7: It's going to be difficult to train employees to use a CleanTech® system

It’s extremely easy to train employees to use CleanTech®!! All they need to do is place their hands in the system and in 12 seconds they can take their hands out and dry them. What's even better is by simplifying the handwashing process and making it more enjoyable for employees, you’ll actually see improved hand hygiene compliance! Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that each employee, no matter what, is getting the same perfect hand wash every single time. One of our customers, Honey Smoked Fish put it best: 

"To know that I don't have to worry about how these folks are washing their hands. They just put their hands in the [CleanTech®] system and the system is going to take care of it" 

Myth #8: Food safety auditors don't like CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations

Actually CleanTech® is recognized by auditors as a suitable replacement for sinks - it says so right in the FDA’s food code

Plus, CleanTech® demonstrates a commitment for food safety and quality to private food safety auditors like GFSI. One of our customers, HelloFresh put it best: 

Compliance-wise, Meritech has helped out tremendously. For example if you're in a GFSI audit scheme, one of the things they want to look for is your management commitment. Seeing the investment [in CleanTech®] right when you walk in, is huge."



Myth #9: It's difficult to install a CleanTech® Automated Handwashing System

No it’s not! If you can install a washing machine, you can install a CleanTech® system. All you need is hot and cold water hookups, electricity, and a drain and it's installed in minutes. Plus, we have a full support library and a U.S. based service team that is only a phone call away if you need additional help! 

Myth #10: Implementing Automated Hygiene Equipment is a huge commitment 

It’s easier than ever to see if CleanTech® is going to be a right fit for your business. Take our one sink challenge! Replace just one of your sinks with CleanTech®, and with our all-inclusive hygiene program you have a 60 day risk-free trial to determine if it's a right fit for you and your team. 

Find out which CleanTech® station is right for you! 

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