ATP Swab Test Guide

by Meritech, on Aug 23, 2021 4:36:05 PM

Measure the efficacy of your hand hygiene method with our ATP swab test guide!

There are several ways to validate the efficacy of hand hygiene methods. One of these is the ATP swab test or Adenosine triphosphate testing, in this guide we review: 

  • What is Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)?
  • What is an ATP swab test?
  • How do I conduct an ATP swab test?
  • How do I analyze ATP swab test results?
  • and more! 

We recommend ATP swab testing for companies looking for a quick and easy way to confirm whether or not their current hand hygiene methods are as effective as they need to be. Food safety plants should be conducting these tests periodically to find the areas where additional hygiene trainings may be needed. Learn more about the ATP swab test.

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