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Employee Hygiene 2020

State of the Hygiene Market in Food Facilities

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Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 11.41.40 AMDuring the webinar, Chief Technology Officer and Human Hygiene Expert Paul Barnhill discussed how when it comes to hygiene and corporate social responsibility it is key to focus on four areas: hygiene culture, SOPs, validation and ongoing reinforcement. He shared tools for each of these areas to help you build that culture of hygiene excellence, bridge the gaps of human behavior in your SOPs, validate your hygiene processes and reinforce this culture with safety days: 




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For food manufacturing, good hygiene has always been a life or death situation. With the added focus on hygiene as a result of COVID-19, what are some sustainable hygiene solutions that you can implement to always ensure employee and consumer safety?





Hygiene Social Contract

A food safety culture is a unified mindset across the organization that puts food safety at the forefront of everything done within the business, both physically and mentally. This hygiene social contract establishes that mindset of food safety at the organization, and should be a key part of the onboarding process for new team members to build a foundation





Manual & Automated Handwashing SOPs

SOPs are critical in building on a hygiene culture at your organization. Simple to follow guides that walk staff through the proper steps in their hygiene zones go a long way in building continuity with your staff and ensuring food safety at your facility.




ATP Testing Guide Preview



ATP Testing Guide

There are several methods for validating hand hygiene processes at your facility, we recommend ATP. This method is great for in field testing at the facility to verify that the SOPs that you put in place are improving handwashing practices and supporting your hygiene culture. 






Hygiene Bingo

One of the easiest ways to reinforce proper hygiene is by making it part of  the discussions throughout the year with your team. Safety days are a fun, interactive way to get everyone involved and understand the "why" behind good hygiene. Hygiene bingo is just one of the tools you can use to have a successful safety day



NewBACleanTechSystemsWe hope that you enjoyed this webinar on the state of the employee hygiene market and the importance of implementing sustainable hygiene solutions for the long-term health and safety of your employees and consumers. Learn more about automated handwashing or check out our other webinars to begin building a culture of hygiene excellence at your facility! 

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