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Meritech, we are the Gold Standard in Employee Hygiene.


The CleanTech 500EZ Automatic Wall-Mounted Handwashing Station is a stainless steel, watertight cabinet designed for high-use areas in industrial production environments. Its durable design is made to withstand a lot of use in difficult environments and holds three, 4 Liter containers of soap, which provide up to 2,400 washes at a time. 

At Meritech, we supply many of the world’s food production companies with a variety of automated hand washing stations that speed up the employee hygiene process in food processing plants. In just 12-seconds, employees can complete a full hand wash and rinse cycle in our hand sanitizer machines. Meritech’s automated hand-washing machines eliminate 99.98% of dangerous pathogens and help ensure the safety of your products protecting your brand and protecting your customers - We clean hands faster and better than a manual wash! Our automated hand washing systems: 


  • Increase handwash compliance by over 400%
  • Eliminate  99.98% of dangerous pathogens
  • Use  75% less water
  • Exceed  SQF, BRC & cGMP standards
  • Come with a Five-Year Parts Warranty 

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