Utilizing Food Safety Culture Training Resources

Building a sustainable food safety culture plan is no small feat. Award winning food processing companies that have cultivated their own food safety cultures did so though years of tweaking and fine tuning to create a framework that works best for their specific facilities. Fortunately, they didn’t do it alone. There are plenty of food safety culture training resources that can help to get you on track towards improving the food safety culture at your organization.

What Types of Food Safety Culture Training Resources are Available?

Food safety culture training

You might remember working on school projects back in the day and having to find your own resources either online or at a library. Even covering broad subjects was a daunting task since it seemed like there were infinite sources to find information about You probably feel the same way about where to look for food safety culture training resources. Here is a list of the many food safety culture GFSI standards, for example. It can be a bit hard to filter out the noise of the multi-faceted subject that is food safety. That’s why getting started with our food safety toolbox is probably the best place to begin since we specifically tailored the resources to improve workplace food safety culture. 

Download the toolbox here! 

Our food safety toolbox was designed to help you create a food safety culture of hygiene excellence at your organization. The Food Safety Toolbox includes six modules exploring core components of building a food safety culture with ready-to use tools, templates, and guides from the many hygiene experts at Meritech. Each module of the Toolbox contains handwashing tools, hygiene guides and food safety training videos that you can begin using at your organization immediately in training or huddle talks to improve food safety culture. They also contain tools like handwashing posters that you can display to reinforce good hand hygiene behaviors with your team.

What Happens When you Properly Utilize Food Safety Culture Training? 

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company is the perfect example of a business with a great  food safety culture. From ownership to production, everyone at Pecan Deluxe cares about hygiene and food safety. Food Safety & Quality Assurance experts collaborate to ensure the safety and quality of all Pecan Deluxe products. They do this with strict adherence to program standards for supply chain, plant processing, and product verification .

In 2002, Pecan Deluxe Candy Company and Meritech partnered to improve food safety practices. After seeing the success of CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations,   Pecan Deluxe decided to implement an automated boot scrubber and boot dip that attaches to the hand washing units for simultaneous hand and footwear hygiene in 12 seconds


The hygiene experts at Meritech and the food safety and quality teams at Pecan Deluxe utilized both technology and resources to make them one of the most recognized food safety leaders in the country. It even helped them earn the 2021 Food Quality & Safety Award for large businesses. This award is a testament to the level of commitment Pecan Deluxe makes on daily basis to achieve the highest levels of food safety.

See how Pecan Deluxe Candy Company Improved their Food Safety Culture with Automated Hygiene!


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