The Pitfalls of Stainless-Steel Commercial Sinks

You may think that stainless-steel commercial sinks and hand hygiene go together like bread and butter. The truth is, just because organizations have used stainless-steel commercial sinks for decades doesn’t mean that they’re the most effective for hand hygiene. We explore why below. 

Stainless-Steel Commercial Sinks Leave Too Much to Chance 

Stainless-steel commercial sinks serve as a fair low-cost option that is familiar to all. No matter the style, the mechanics of these main types of stainless-steel commercial sinks are essentially the same. Unfortunately, while these sinks may be familiar, that does not mean that most people know how to wash their hands correctly in them or will do it properly every time. That is the main drawback to stainless-steel commercial sinks: human behavior. No matter how stringent your organization’s handwashing procedures are, humans are prone to variability and error, resulting in poor hand hygiene and increased risk of pathogen spread. stainless steel commercial sinks

That’s why many organizations have made the switch to CleanTech® Automated Hand Washing Systems. With CleanTech® every hand wash is the same and there are no cross-contamination touch points. In just 12 seconds, 99.9% of harmful pathogens are removed from the hands and each hand wash is completely touchless. Compared to stainless-steel commercial sinks which require some form of contact to at least initiate the flow of water, CleanTech® uses a photo-eye sensor to start the automated hand wash that mixes clean, potable water with UltraPure hand hygiene solution UltraPure hand hygiene solution from the moment hands enter the system due to a photo eye sensor to achieve the perfect hand wash.  

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Stainless-Steel Commercial Sinks Are Not Built to be Sustainable  

Today, most businesses are aware of their water consumption and their overall environmental impact. With most stainless-steel commercial sinks there are no buffers or water saving features that can help to minimize water consumption and waste. Many people also leave sinks running while they lather or even dry their hands and if faucets are not turned off completely or maintained improperly, drippy faucets can cause more than 20 gallons of water to be lost per day. 

stainless steel commercial sinksWith CleanTech® Automated Hand Washing Stations, every drop of water is being used for the hand wash. There is no need to worry about the system staying on longer than is necessary since each station is preprogrammed to be timed for 12 seconds. CleanTech® also uses only 0.6 gallons of water during each hand wash.  

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While Stainless-steel commercial sinks may seem like a low-cost option initially, in the long term they may end up posing additional health risks for your customers and employees by exposing them to harmful pathogens and can end up compromising your organizations sustainability goals. 

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