The Best Portable Event Hand Washing Station

As events continue to flourish, whether indoors or outdoors, it is crucial to ensure that your venue is properly equipped to provide the best and safest experience for all attendees. While it is easy to get swept up in all the details of event planning, one of the most essential elements that is  often overlooked is maintaining proper hand washing facilities and ensuring that guests have convenient access to those facilities.


Why do events need a hand washing station? 

When planning an event, prioritizing handwashing is crucial. Events, whether large or small, bring people together, fostering close interactions and handshakes. While these types of events are great for networking, they can lead to the spread of illness. Providing proper handwashing facilities is essential to prevent the transmission of infections. By ensuring that handwashing stations and sinks are readily available, you help protect the health of your attendees and contribute to the overall success of your event.

Smixin Pro Mobile at an event center

The Smixin Handwashing Systems make handwashing easy and accessible to everyone at your event space, with a variety of installation options to best fit your event's needs and available utilities!

What types of events need a hand washing station? 

  • Food Truck Rallies, Farmer's Markets, and Food Festivals - These are outdoor events with a focus on food, it is important for people to be able to get an effective hand wash before and after eating. These events are typically difficult to provide handwashing to as they are outside without access to plumbing, but the Smixin Pro Mobile is a self-contained handwashing station that requires only an electrical connection. This Smixin station would allow event visitors to access handwashing where it is not traditionally available.  

  • Community and Local Events - These events focus on bringing people together in an indoor or an outdoor event space. With so many people meeting and mingling with each other it is essential to provide adequate handwashing. For some community events there may be plumbing available, where the Smixin Plus can be a excellent upgrade to a traditional manual faucet. For community events that outside or require additional non-permanent handwashing the Smixin Pro Mobile is the best option! 

  • Concerts and Festivals - These events, often centered around live music, can attract thousands of attendees. With such large crowds, it is imperative to provide ample handwashing stations. Indoor concert venues can benefit from using the Smixin Plus or  retrofitting their bathroom faucets with the ultra-low flow Smixin Flow faucets. These solutions not only enhance hygiene but also help venues meet or exceed their sustainability goals. 

So what is the best event hand washing station? 

To answer the ultimate question, the best event hand washing station is the system that best fits your unique needs and is compatible with the utilities you have available.

Smixin Sustainable Handwashing Solutions

For event spaces with plumbing access:

Smixin Plus - An efficient and user-friendly faucet that dispenses soap and water, seamlessly adaptable to existing sink setups.

Smixin Flow - A high-efficiency faucet that conserves water usage significantly while delivering a thorough and enjoyable handwashing experience, easily adaptable to existing sink setups.

For event spaces without plumbing access:

Smixin Pro Mobile - A standalone mobile unit that only requires an electrical hookup. This all in one handwashing station provides a precisely measured quantity of water, soap, and paper towel for the ultimate handwashing experience.


Learn more about all of the available Smixin Handwashing Systems here!