Rebuild Confidence in the Safety of Your Food Service Business

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses due to the social distancing measures necessary to curb infection spread. Of those affected, food service businesses are among the hardest hit. After shutdowns end and owners open their doors again they will face a new problem: rebuilding customer confidence in the safety of their business. As we wait for the spread of the virus to slow, it's important to start taking steps to be successful after COVID-19.

Leverage Social Media. It’s important to stay top of mind with customers so that your business is their destination when it's time to get back out in the world, and social media is an effective and inexpensive way to do that. Regularly post updates about the steps you’re taking to ensure health and safety during this time and interact with your followers to see success.

Prepare your business for social distancing. When stay-at-home orders end, that does not mean social distancing will. It will be necessary for quite some time, and customers will desire the spaces they enter to be considerate of that. Before you can allow customers back into your business you should make adjustments to allow for things like more space between tables, and organized queueing to allow space between those in line.

Hygiene protocol for employees. Having sound SSOP’s is a key factor in coming back strong after coronavirus, and ensuring your employees are complying with the protocol by developing a culture of hygiene. A great first step is creating a hygiene social contract for your employees. Learn more about creating a hygiene social contract here. This is a great thing to put on display for your customers. Showing the protocol your employees are following will instill confidence in the safety of your establishment. 

Hygiene for customers. Having quality hygiene options for customers shows your commitment to the health and safety of your customers, and your employees. Cleaning more frequently and having an opportunity for a hand hygiene event upon entrance of your establishment are great first steps. There are a few different methods for handwashing, check out our comparison guide to help you decide which is best for you.

Implement automation. Guarantee your customers and employees have clean hands with CleanTech® Fully Automated Handwashing Stations. Not only does this provide the perfect hand wash, but it’s an incredible display of your commitment to hygiene and safety that both customers and employees will appreciate. A CleanTech® handwash is a memorable experience that will encourage return visits and create buzz around your business. Check out this profile that was done on Maria Empanada, a local Denver restaurant with a CleanTech® station.

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