Mitigating Food Safety Risks with Food Safety Technology

Talking to our customers lately, one challenge that has come up repeatedly in conversations is that staff is difficult to find right now and employee turnover is high. From a production standpoint, this is troubling but an increase in staff changes is also especially concerning when it comes to food safety. When employees are constantly coming and going from a facility, how do you ensure that everyone is putting hygiene first and ensuring proper handwashing and footwear sanitation for food safety? 

In this blog post I’ll go over some of the food safety risks associated with staff changes and how to ensure complete hand and footwear sanitation for every employee regardless if they’re a veteran employee or it’s their first day on the production floor. 

Automated Food Safety Technology with Footwear Enhancements Streamlines New Employee Training in Food Manufacturing

Employee onboarding and hygiene training is a key part of ensuring food safety but it also can take a lot of time to train new employees on the proper hygiene zone steps and get them onto the production floor. So how do you speed up and simplify the hygiene training process?

We’ve made it easy for users of any age and skill level to use CleanTech® industrial handwashing stations. It doesn’t require excessive training on the 12 proper handwashing steps or reinforcement and hand wash monitoring by a team leader. 

With CleanTech® an employee just puts their hands in the system, steps on the footwear enhancement and in 12 seconds more than 99.9% of pathogens are removed from both hands and footwear. As one of our customers puts it, training is as easy as “put your hands in the system [CleanTech®] and the system is going to take care of it”: 



Automated Food Safety Technology Reduces Time Spent in the Hygiene Zone During Shift Changes

What is the one resource that everyone is short on right now? That’s right, time

Unfortunately when you’re bringing in new staff members, they’re going to take more time to go through hygiene zones steps that come naturally to long-term employees. What if I told you that you could reduce the amount of time that all of your employees are spending in the hygiene zone by over 100%? 

To ensure food safety, a proper manual hand wash takes about a full 20 seconds. If you’re sanitizing footwear at your facility too, this could be an additional 20-30 seconds, plus the time going between these two hygiene zone tasks. 

With CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations with Footwear Enhancements, you can get employee’s hands and footwear sanitized in just 12 seconds. That’s two hygiene events in nearly half the time of a manual hand wash! That means in the amount of time that it takes for 1 employee to perform a manual hand and footwear sanitation process, you can get 3 or more employees through your hygiene zone.


Video produced by Levi Lecocq, Milan Ornelis and Philippe Muller for our Benelux distributor

CleanTech®Automatic Handwashing Stations Ensure Consistency in Hygiene No Matter How Busy You Are

Food Safety Technology

Most dangerous pathogens enter your facility on employee’s hands and footwear. But with over 95% of Americans not washing their hands correctly, how can you ensure the proper hand hygiene steps are happening, especially when your team is short-staffed and in a rush? 

Unfortunately, when people do things quickly, mistakes inherently happen so the best way to ensure that pathogens are removed every time is through automation. With CleanTech®, more than 99.9% of pathogens are removed from both hands and footwear in 12 seconds for every single user. Plus, because the process is automatic, there’s no risk of cross-contamination from touch-points like faucet handles.  

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Let our Food Safety Experts Ensure Hygiene at Your Facility so you can Focus on Production

We know that production and staffing is the number one thing on your mind right now. So let us handle hygiene and ensure that each new staff member you bring in is removing pathogens from their hands and footwear before they enter the production area. Contact us to get started today. 

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