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Hygienic Zoning in Food Processing: Core, Supplementary and Satellite

A hygiene zone is created within the facility based on the risk of contamination to a product. It’s designed to prevent pathogens from entering a facility or cross-contamination between production areas. There are three different types of hygienic zoning in food processing:

Core Hygiene Zone

This is the main hygiene zone at any facility where the majority of the staff are entering before going to the production area. This is the largest hygiene zone that the core of employees will pass through.

hygienic zoning in food processingSee our vision for hygiene zone excellence in food processing in this video!

Supplementary Hygiene Zone

hygienic zoning in food processingA supplementary hygiene zone is a zone that provides additional hygiene steps for workers in certain production areas. It may be within a core hygiene zone to provide additional hygiene steps specific to a staff member’s main function. For example a production team member may need a supplementary hygiene zone that is interwoven amongst the normal core hygiene zone process for donning thermals because they work in a cold storage environment most of the day.

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Satellite Hygiene Zone 

hygienic zoning in food processingA satellite hygiene zone is a zone that is in addition to the main hygiene zone. It may be placed in alternative entryways for visitors or between production areas for QA/QC or maintenance staff who travel between different manufacturing zones throughout the day.


At Meritech we partner with our customers to make the world a healthier, safer place by reducing the spread of pathogens at their facility. We not only do this through hygiene education, but also hygienic zoning design consultations or facility site surveys. Whether virtually or on-site, each visit to a facility is focused around three areas: the people, the place and the product, or as we like to call them, the 3 P’sAt Meritech, we don’t just sell automated hygiene equipment, we truly partner with each of our customers to ensure that our equipment fits well into their core, supplementary and satellite hygiene zones and suits their organization's needs. 

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