Hygienic Zoning in Food Processing: Preventing Cross Contamination

Hygienic zoning plays a vital role in minimizing the risk of cross contamination within a food processing facility. Its primary objective is to protect the facility from the entry of harmful pathogens and prevent the spread of contamination across different production areas. In the realm of food processing, there are three distinct strategies for implementing hygienic zoning:

Core Hygienic Zoning

This is the primary hygiene zone within a facility, where the majority of staff members enter before proceeding to the main production area. It serves as the largest hygiene zone that employees at the core of the organization must pass through. The core hygiene zone is meticulously designed and equipped to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. It acts as a barrier against the entry of pathogens, providing a secure environment for the production process.

The core hygiene zone often includes includes automated hand hygiene stations, a dedicated changing area with lockers, and specially designed footwear sanitizing stations. It is continuously monitored and maintained by a dedicated hygiene team to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and prevent the entry and spread of pathogens. This zone serves as a critical control point in ensuring the production of safe and high-quality products.

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Supplementary Hygienic Zoning

hygienic zoning

A supplementary hygiene zone is an additional area that implements extra hygiene protocols for workers in specific production areas. It can be incorporated within a core hygiene zone to address the specific hygiene needs of staff members based on their main roles. This zone is designed to provide enhanced cleanliness measures tailored to the unique requirements of certain production areas.

By implementing a supplementary hygiene zone, the facility guarantees that workers in specific production areas can easily access essential hygiene stations, significantly minimizing the risk of cross-contamination while simultaneously improving overall health and safety measures. Meritech understands the importance of customizing hygiene solutions to meet facility needs, including incorporating supplementary hygiene zones. With our expertise, we can help implement a comprehensive hygienic zoning system that meets necessary high cleanliness and sanitation standards.

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Satellite Hygienic Zoning

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A satellite hygiene zone serves as an additional layer of protection beyond the main hygiene zone. It can be strategically positioned at alternate entry points for visitors or placed between production areas to accommodate QA/QC or maintenance staff who constantly move between different manufacturing zones throughout the day. This satellite hygiene zone plays a crucial role in maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and preventing the entry and spread of pathogens within the facility.

Strategically placed satellite hygiene zones ensure visitors undergo proper hygiene protocols, reducing contamination risk and showcasing the organization's commitment to hygiene. These zones also prevent cross-contamination and maintain cleanliness between production areas. With advanced technologies and constant monitoring, satellite hygiene zones elevate the facility's standards of health and safety to new heights.

At Meritech, our mission is to join forces with our valued customers in creating a healthier and safer world by effectively minimizing the transmission of pathogens within their facility. We not only do this through hygiene education, but also hygienic zoning design consultations or facility site surveys. Whether virtually or on-site, each visit to a facility is focused around three areas: the people, the place and the product, or as we like to call them, the 3 P’s. At Meritech, we go beyond simply selling automated hygiene equipment. We form true partnerships with each of our customers, working closely to ensure that our equipment seamlessly integrates into their core, supplementary, and satellite hygiene zones, perfectly meeting their organization's unique needs.

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