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Because hygiene is intrinsically behavior-based, it is critically important to continuously reinforce hygiene best practices through constant reminders and regular training. At Meritech we offer the tools and resources you need to stay educated and inform those around you. Our team of hygiene experts works diligently to create this content so you can be as healthy and safe as possible.

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Employee Hygiene Tool Box


From farm to fork, we believe that food safety should be at the core of every decision that is made in the food manufacturing industry. However, many recommendations overlook the single greatest risk to ensuring food safety: the variability of human behavior in following employee hygiene and sanitation SOPs. That's why Food Safety Magazine and Meritech have partnered to provide a comprehensive toolbox filled with resources you can use today to truly change employee behaviors and create a culture of hygiene excellence.

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The Science Behind CleanTech®: How Automated Handwashing Stations Work

CleanTech Webinar - Watch Now

This webinar covers everything you need to know about CleanTech® automated handwashing systems including what it is, how it works, it's efficacy, and how it fits into a hygiene zone. Hosted by Chief Technology Officer, Paul Barnhill, this presentation offers an in-depth look into the technology and has a thorough Q&A session.

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Resource Offerings

Learn about the different types of resources we offer and the type of information you will find in each.

Blog Articles

This is the most frequently published and covers the widest range of information. It is a great place to read about hand hygiene and industry trends at a high level.


Our video library is a great way to learn about our product line, how the technology works, and pick up some high-level information about hygiene.


A resource for the latest and greatest in public health and hygiene, where we will tackle topics like hand hygiene, best practices in footwear sanitization, and developing an employee hygiene program.

Efficacy Studies

Take a look at the science behind our revolutionary hygiene technology. Learn how the efficacy of hygiene methods is tested and explore the data that validates CleanTech®.


During these webinars we offer information from industry experts on various topics surrounding hygiene and its importance while also providing an opportunity to ask questions to leaders in the space.

Downloadables and Guides

This is where you can take a more indepth look into hand and footwear hygiene and all of its nuances in resources like comparison guides and eBooks.

Speaking Engagements

Our hygiene experts are passionate about passing on their knowledge and the way they do this is by speaking at various events throughout the year.

Hygiene Safety Days

Learn about footwear and hand hygiene best practices, industry trends, and new innovations from a hygiene expert. We will join your team on-site for a day full of hygiene education training and retraining.

Employee Hygiene Toolbox

A comprehensive toolbox filled with resources you can use today to truly change employee behaviors and create a culture of hygiene excellence.

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