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Employee Hygiene Toolbox

Create a culture of hygiene excellence
for food safety at your organization

Six modules filled with:
  • E-books
  • Posters
  • Guides
  • Teaching tools
  • & more!
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"This toolbox has been helpful in providing a location with basic hygiene information and allowing for discussion and learning from experts through the documents and podcasts."
"Accessible and informative. Well explained with use of various resources for interactive learning like videos, PDF's and charts."
"I utilized the Hygiene Social Contract and other tools for a recent employee meeting. Thank you for providing a great resource!"
“Thank you for the resources. As I am limited in my staffing, these are great to help supplement my current procedures and training information."
“I'm implementing Food Safety toolbox to all plant colleagues, your poster really helping me to cascade related info."

What is the Employee Hygiene Toolbox?

Designed to help you create a culture of hygiene excellence at your organization, the Employee Hygiene Toolbox includes six modules exploring core components of building a food safety culture with ready-to use tools, templates and guides from the hygiene experts at Meritech.

Tools and Guides

Each module of the Toolbox contains tools, guides and videos that you can begin using at your organization immediately in training or huddle talks to improve hygiene culture

Example Training Video from Module 4

E-Books and Posters

Not only does each module include recommended e-books, blogs, and other educational reading materials but they also contain tools like posters that you can display to reinforce good hygiene behaviors with your team.

Six Modules Designed for Hygiene Excellence

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The Importance of Creating a Culture
of Employee Hygiene Excellence

Get tools that go beyond physical hygiene zones and processes to establish a unified mindset across your organization that puts food safety at the forefront of the business.

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Best Practices in Achieving
Hand Hygiene Excellence

Achieve hand hygiene excellence at your facility with tools that help establish and reinforce good handwashing behaviors at your organization. 

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The Importance of Achieving
Footwear Hygiene Excellence

Achieve footwear hygiene excellence at your facility with tools that help establish and reinforce proper footwear hygiene behaviors at your organization. 

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Employee Hygiene Zone
Design & Considerations

Get the tools to help design and implement a comprehensive hygiene zone at your business from layout to processes and procedures. 

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Hygiene Program Validation

Validate your organization's hygiene program and test hand and footwear hygiene methods to measure the health of your employee hygiene culture. 

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Ongoing Employee Hygiene
Program Reinforcement

Get tools to reinforce your organization's culture of hygiene excellence and learn best practices for safety days and other hygiene retraining days.