How Technology Helps With Hand Hygiene Quality Improvement

Technology plays such an integral role in so many different areas of life. Services like navigation apps to get from A to B, calendar to keep on schedule, email to communicate with co-workers, video chatting to stay connected with family and friends, to-do lists, project management systems, alarm clocks, etc. are all ways we allow technology to assist us so we can be the best version of ourselves. If technology is entrusted with such important aspects of our lives, why have we not started using more technology for hand hygiene?

Technology for Hand Hygiene Quality Improvement

Smart soap dispenser.

There a number of smart soap dispensing products hitting the market that are designed for hand hygiene quality improvement. The basic idea is that once the user applies soap a timer will start to ensure the proper scrub time. This is a great way to improve handwashing time and compliance.

Virtual assistant handwashing timer.

Another great way to improve handwashing time is to ask your virtual assistant to help! You can ask Siri on your iPhone, Alexa, and Google Assistant on Android devices or Google Home and they will help you wash your hands in a number of ways. We will keep the specifics a surprise as they are usually pretty entertaining.

Apple Watch handwashing features.

Apple recently rolled out an update for their WatchOS which included a hand hygiene quality improvement feature set. It boasts an advanced automatic timer that begins when the watch senses you’re washing your hands, if you don’t wash for the entire time it will encourage you to finish the job. It can also remind you to wash your hands based on set times and even every time you get home!

Fully automated handwashing.

While using technology to remind you to wash your hands or help you wash for long enough is beneficial, we are still prone to human error in the actual washing process. By automating hand hygiene with CleanTech® you are allowing technology to totally remove the variability of human behavior and provide the perfect hand wash every time. A fully automated hand wash is the epitome of leveraging technology for hand hygiene quality improvement.

The technology we have available to us today can greatly improve hand hygiene frequency and effectiveness. It would be unwise for us to ignore the obvious benefits that come from leveraging technology with hygiene. At Meritech we believe that in order to create a healthier and safer world, we must redefine human hygiene and technology is an obvious aspect of that redefinition. If you’re interested in learning more about CleanTech® Fully Automated Hygiene Technology contact us today, we would love to help you reap the benefits of hygiene technology!

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