Why Automated Handwashing is Better for Longterm Health and Safety

The majority of personal hygiene practices rely heavily on human behavior. During a manual hand hygiene event, the user must perform 12  steps executed for the correct amount of time to ensure clean hands. With handwashing being the best way to reduce the risk of infection spread, it is concerning how much opportunity there is for human error in the process. Through automation, it is possible to combat the issue of variable human behaviors while also gaining additional benefits that improve health and safety.

Importance of Hand Hygiene in Ensuring Health and Safety

  1. Standardized Process
    Everyone washes their hands differently every time they do it. The manual process required is inherently impossible to replicate which results in varying levels of pathogen removal. By implementing CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations you can standardize that process, providing the same level of pathogen removal, every time
  2. Reinforces Culture of Hand Hygiene
    A hand hygiene culture is a unified mindset across the organization that puts health and safety at the forefront of everything done within the business, both physically and mentally. By implementing automation you show your employees that hygiene is one of the most important aspects of their job and it encourages them to take an active role in achieving the overarching health and safety goals.
  3. Data-Driven Behavior Change
    One of the most dangerous aspects of manual hygiene is that it provides you with very little information about the effectiveness of the processes in place, particularly with compliance. By leveraging automation you can see how many hands are actually being washed which will allow you to proactively address compliance issues.
  4. Reduce Waste
    Environmental health is an important benefit of automated hygiene. During a manual hand wash the majority of the water is just running down the drain. This is because the largest amount of time is spent building lather and actually scrubbing hands together. CleanTech® uses the perfectly calculated amount of solution and water for pathogen removal, resulting in zero waste.
  5. Demonstrates a Commitment to Public Health & Safety
    Automation is a fantastic display of just how much you care. It shows your employees you care for their health while also making patrons feel confident in the safety of your establishment. Use CleanTech® as a way to show the world how much you care about hygiene.

For a short-term solution or a quick fix, automation might not be the answer. But if your aim is to provide the highest standard of hygiene and achieve long-term health and safety automating your hygiene process would be a great step forward. Our mission at Meritech is to redefine hygiene for a healthier and safer world, will you join us? Contact sales about Meritech Automated Hygiene Technology today.