How Meritech Hygiene Solutions Ensure the Perfect Hand Wash

You’re probably familiar with our CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Systems by now. For over 35 years companies have trusted CleanTech® with their hygiene compliance needs, but the systems themselves are only half of the story. We knew that standard industrial hand soaps wouldn’t cut it in our quest to develop the perfect hand wash. That’s why we made UltraPure specifically for CleanTech® to help get us there. It’s important to always use UltraPure with CleanTech® for three reasons:  

1. UltraPure helps promote healthy skin with added moisturizers

We knew that in environments with frequent hand washing, regular soaps and sanitizers would be detrimental to hand skin health. We needed a solution that not only prevented hand dryness, but also helped to moisturize the skin so that optimal pathogen removal could be achieved. Enter UltraPure.  hand hygiene solutions

UltraPure contains no synthetic dyes of fragrances so its purpose is 100% focused on harmful pathogen removal. We’ve also added synthetic lanolin that helps to keep the skin moisturized so that hands don’t develop chapping or cracks in which harmful pathogens can thrive.Many users love the way the their hands feel after using the CleanTech® systems with UltraPure, which keeps them coming back to use the handwashing stations more frequently.

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2. UltraPure is the only way to ensure more than 99.9% of pathogen removal with CleanTech®

 Once CleanTech® and UltraPure were developed together it was time to truly test the perfect hand wash. We had over 50 independent clinical studies performed against a variety of harmful pathogens that can thrive on hands. UltraPure Hand Hygiene solution

The results? We proved that UltraPure provided a mean reduction of 99.9% of pathogens, including E. coli and Feline Calicivirus (a surrogate for Norovirus) and more when used with the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations. These efficacy studies proved unequivocally that CleanTech® with UltraPure results in greater pathogen reduction than a manual hand wash. 

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3. UltraPure protects the integrity of the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station

The process of creating the perfect hand wash wasn’t easy, but after years of tweaking and fine tuning, CleanTech® and UltraPure made it possible. That’s why UltraPure is the only solution that is approved to work with the CleanTech® systems. Using any other hygiene solutions or soaps can clog the nozzles or damage the system which can void its warranty. Only UltraPure was designed with CleanTech® to ensure the perfect hand wash for every user.  

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