How Does CleanTech® EVO Work?


CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Stations provide a touchless and efficient handwashing experience. But how do they work? From a high level, water and hygiene solution are automatically dispensed using a combination of sensors and nozzles. Achieving the perfect hand wash though is a quick and easy process when broken down.

The Anatomy of an Automatic Hand Hygiene Event

Each CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Station plays looping instructions that explain how to start operating the system. When a user approaches the station and places their hand in the basins, a motion sensor detects their hands and activates the hand wash. Water is then dispensed from the nozzles (40 nozzles, 20 per hand to be precise). Once the user's hands are wet, the hygiene solution is dispersed. Lastly, just before the 12 second wash cycle is complete, the system dispenses water again to rinse the user's hands. This entire process has been proven by over 50 clinical studies that validate the effectiveness of CleanTech®.

In addition, the entire process is touchless, which means users won't have to touch any buttons or handles, reducing the potential for cross-contamination. Data collected by the system can be used for hygiene monitoring and maintenance, such as the number of hand washes and the amount of hand hygiene solution used.

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A New Way to Approach Hand Hygiene

It probably took you longer to scroll to this section of the blog than it would have taken to run a complete EVO hand wash cycle. Efficiency isn’t the only benefit of a CleanTech® EVO hand wash though. As opposed to any manual hand washing method, every CleanTech® hand wash is the same for every user. Automated hand washing eliminates the variability of human behavior altogether.

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Consistency is the key to achieving hygiene excellence and with automated hygiene, consistency is guaranteed. If a process is too complicated or requires a substantial amount of time to complete employees are less likely to follow that process but with automated hand hygiene, providing employees with a fast and simple system that requires minimal effort is huge. One of our customers, HelloFresh, said it best, "You stick your hands in and it does all the work for you. The easier you make it, the more fun it is, your employees are going to follow that. That’s been really great for us."

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Taking the Next Steps Towards Hand Hygiene Excellence

hand hygieneSo you've made the decision to automate hand hygiene using CleanTech® EVO? Great! What's next and how do you choose the right station for your needs? We have a team of hygiene experts and hygiene zone design consultants at Meritech who are dedicated to finding the right options for your team. We have helped businesses of all sizes, from small, regional operations to large companies with global distribution. Contact us today to schedule your hygiene zone design consultation!

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