Commercial Hand Wash Sinks Vs CleanTech® EVO

When you think about hygiene and hand washing you probably picture water, faucets, soap, and sinks. Commercial hand wash sinks are by and large the most popular hand washing fixtures in the world. Unfortunately, they’re not the best because of xyz. We explore the differences between manual commercial hand wash sinks and CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Systems below.

CleanTech® EVO Ensures a Perfect Hand Wash Unlike a Commercial Hand Wash Sink

We all know how to operate a manual commercial hand wash sink. That’s one of the main benefits of utilizing one, it’s familiarity. However, the commercial hand wash sink was not designed to be the most effective at hand washing. It can get the job done if utilized correctly, but since everyone is different, there’s never any guarantee of an effective hand wash. MicrosoftTeams-image (13)

When compared to the scope of a CleanTech® hand wash there really is no competition since CleanTech® automated hand washing stations were designed to provide the perfect hand wash every single time. When a person’s hands are placed in the handwashing cylinders, jets deploy water and our proprietary UltraPure solution evenly across all areas of the hands, removing more than 99.9% of pathogens in just 12 seconds while also moisturizing the skin.  All the friction involved in manual hand washes can cause skin damage and leave hands more at risk for pathogen spread.

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CleanTech® EVO is Easier to Use than a Commercial Hand Wash Sink

Apart from the differences in effectiveness from each hand wash method, there’s also major differences in how easy each hand wash process is. With a commercial hand wash sink a person needs to wet their hands first, then ensure that they lather with an adequate amount of soap, thoroughly scrub each area of their hands properly, and finally completely rinse their hands. This process should of course at least take 20 seconds, but an ideal manual hand wash should take longer to ensure proper pathogen removal.

EVO - GIF How to Use a CleanTech Station

With a CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station, each wash cycle only takes 12 seconds, and the process is just placing your hands in the system which starts automatically. No touchpoints or buttons are required. So as familiar as commercial hand wash sinks are, CleanTech® stations don’t require any complex instructions and can be learned in seconds.

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Overall, utilizing CleanTech® systems showcases a commitment to hygiene and safety at your workplace. Both your customers and employees will know that you take their health and safety seriously and since CleanTech® has been described as “spa for your hands”, it’ll make their experience at your business more memorable.

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