CleanTech® Handwashing: The Superior Choice Over Motion Sensor Faucets

Chances are, you've encountered a motion sensor faucet during your last visit to a public restroom at a restaurant, hotel, or airport. These innovative faucets were initially designed to minimize cross contamination at sinks. While they do a better job than traditional manual sinks, they still have some significant drawbacks when it comes to ensuring food safety.

Proper Hand Washing Process Still Essential for Motion Sensor Faucets

While motion sensor faucets offer a convenient way to limit touchpoints and reduce cross-contamination, their benefits only go so far. It's important to remember that the entire manual hand washing process still needs to be completed for them to be truly effective. However, achieving the perfect hand wash can be challenging since everyone's technique varies.
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With CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations, every user is guaranteed the perfect hand wash which removes more than 99.9% of pathogens from hands every time. Additionally, CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations eliminate the need for any physical contact. As soon as hands enter the system, a photo eye sensor detects them and initiates the hand wash automatically. The system then starts a 12-second countdown timer and alerts the user when the hand wash is complete. No manual intervention is required to start, stop, or dispense hand hygiene solution. CleanTech® is designed to provide a comprehensive hygiene experience on its own, setting it apart from motion sensor faucets that only control water flow for a brief moment.

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Motion Sensor Faucets Fall Short in Sustainability

Motion sensor faucets are often touted as a great way to save water, but the reality is that their effectiveness varies from person to person. Think about the last time you used one of these faucets. You probably had to wave your hands over the sensor multiple times just to keep the water running, defeating the purpose of the automatic feature. And even after you finished washing your hands, some motion sensor faucets continue to run unnecessarily.

CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations use 100% of the water and hygiene solution for the hand wash itself. During the 12 second wash cycle, the water starts when hands go in the system and stops when the hand wash is complete so it wastes less water than the recommended 30+ second manual hand wash with a photo eye faucet.

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In contrast, motion sensor faucets often rely on lithium batteries for operation, which can eventually require proper disposal. Additionally, soap containers associated with these faucets often end up in landfills. CleanTech® sets itself apart by utilizing an outlet for power instead of batteries, and our hygiene solution containers are completely recyclable. This not only reduces unnecessary waste but also promotes a more environmentally-friendly approach.

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Lack of Compliance Tracking in Motion Sensor Faucets

One notable distinction between CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations and motion sensor faucets is the absence of detailed compliance tracking in the latter. However, with CleanTech®, managers have the advantage of accessing valuable hand washing compliance tracking data directly on the system's color touchscreen display. This feature allows managers to identify which shifts or areas of a facility are adhering to proper hand washing protocols. Furthermore, managers can conveniently adjust water temperature and access training videos to effectively onboard new team members.

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In summary, CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations surpass motion sensor faucets in providing an all-encompassing hand washing experience. Not only are they environmentally friendly and completely touchless, but they also deliver a superior level of cleanliness.

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