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How safe are your suppliers?

Are they helping to protect your brand?

With all the recent news about E. Coli outbreaks and restaurants shutting down, probably caused by unsafe food from suppliers, now is the time to ensure your suppliers are doing everything they can to foster a strong food safety culture.

Our Safe Suppliers Program provides best pricing on our CleanTech Automated Handwashing and Footwear Hygiene systems, helping to reduce risk of unsafe ingredients and protecting your brand, and most importantly... your customers. Click to see an overview of the Safe Suppliers Program and feel free to forward this email to all of your suppliers.

Freshpet - our customer - was featured last week on the CNBC tv show, The Profit. Click the video below to see our CleanTech Automated Handwashing Systems and one of our Boot Scrubbers in action.

If petfood companies are implementing the gold standard in Employee Hygiene, shouldn't you and your people food suppliers do the same?

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