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Will Eaton

Will Eaton

Will Eaton, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Meritech is an accomplished leader with a proven history of success in growing market share for small to medium-sized businesses. During his two years at Meritech he has transformed the go to market strategy and structure of the sales team which resulted in tremendous growth for the company. Prior to Meritech, he was the Vice President of National Accounts at Checkers Safety Group, which Justrite Safety Group acquired in January 2018, Eaton quickly and consistently surpassed sales goals while completing and integrating nine acquisitions in just 15 months. The company achieved 19% growth in 2017 — 6% above the average growth trend for the industry. Prior to joining corporate America, Will served as a Captain in the Marine Corps and was one of the founding members of Marine Special Operation Command.

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by Will Eaton, on June 29,2021

Talking to our customers lately, one challenge that has come up repeatedly in conversations is that staff is difficult to find right now and employee turnover is high. From a …

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