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How Blue Bell Survived Listeria, Chipotle Troubles & Other Safety News

"Fresh" Offerings & Food Safety - Is Eating "Clean" Unsafe?

While Chipotle has lead the clean eating movement within the casual dining arena, these very choices contribute to making it more difficult to guarantee the food won't become infected with germs that can make customers sick. Read Article Here

Why FSMA Makes Life Easier for E.U. Importers

Daily meetings between the U.S. & E.U. have lead to a fundamental harmony between U.S. standards and standards that others are implementing in other regions. This allows an European producer to access the U.S. market without necessarily complying with every word of FSMA rules. Read Article Here

Food Safety Professor Baffled by Blue Bell Return

After a listeria outbreak that resulted in three deaths and a temporary plant shutdown, Mindy Brashears, a professor of food safety and public health at Texas Tech, is baffled by the public's eager acceptance of Blue Bell's return saying, "...Had this been a beef product, the public outcry/ban would have likely put the company out of business." Read Article Here

New USDA Rules for Ground Beef - Tracking Source of All Meat

Based on previous lessons learned from outbreaks, a new rule requires makers of raw ground beef keep detailed records of source materials. "In the event that unsafe product does make it into commerce, these new procedures will give us the information we need to act much more effectively to keep families across the country safe." Read Article Here

Chipotle's Cover-Ups, Recent Outbreaks Aren't the First Time the Company Has Had Issues

The raw, uncensored view of one reporter's perspective on Chipotle's marketing and sales strategy vs. the reality of food safety - or lack thereof. "Chipotle is a company so out of control and negligent that it repeatedly endangers the public." Read Article Here

120 Multi-State Outbreaks - Tip of Iceberg

From meat to celery and onions, nut butters to eggs, fruits and many more... there were 120 multi-state outbreaks of foodborne infection from 2010-2014 - an average of one every two weeks. Read Article Here

How a Company Can Survive a Foodborne Illness Outbreak

Blue Bell survived several months with zero sales through a $125 million cash infusion from Ft. Worth billionaire, Sid Bass. But how did it win back the hearts of its customers? Being an iconic Texas brand certainly helped, but they also continued to pay its employees who were furloughed during the crisis amongst other cited reasons. Read Article Here

The Rotten Food Cookbook Teaching Food Safety with Recipes That Will Make You Sick

This cookbook is designed to teach people the importance of food safety - filled with recipes that are guaranteed to make you sick, like Chicken Seizure Salad and Puking Duck, along with the correct methodologies for food prep and cooking. Read Article Here