MBW Boot Scrubbers

(; Golden, CO) Meritech has recently developed a new line of boot scrubbing systems that completely sanitizes rubber boots by continuously applying strong sanitizing solution through a series of high-pressure nozzles jets. Meritech’s MBW series cleans boots at plant entrances and provides cross contamination control between processing operations. Compact in design, Meritech’s MBW series is the most effective rubber boot washers for their size.

The Meritech MBW series includes:

  • MBW 3.0 Full boot cleaning system that scrubs and sanitizes soles and up to 9 inches of the boot sides
  • MBW-LP Low profile scrubbing system that cleans and sanitizes soles and up to 3 inches of the boot sides
  • MBW Sole scrubbing system

All of the MBW systems are for rubber boots and other footwear without laces.

MBW boot washers are easy to install, and fit into tight spaces where other washers won’t go. Components can be removed for easy-access cleaning. Each system is available with a variety of options to customize for specific applications.

Meritech’s complete line of SQF Standards hand and boot washing systems offer the most cost-effective and compliant automated hand and boot sanitizing technology in the market. Meritech assists companies in addressing infectious workplace pathogens in the most demanding workplace environments. Back by extensive science and research, Meritech offers innovative washing systems that ensure the elimination of the harmful germs that can jeopardize the health and safety of the general public.

For more information on the MBW Series of boot washers, please contact:
Michele Colbert
Meritech, Inc.
(800) 932-7707